The book is called ‘Being Marc Marquez - This How I Win My Race’, by Austrian journalist Werner Jessner.

The English version, via Amazon, has now been released.

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Eight chapters to reveal fascinating insights

The 220-page book is divided into eight chapters which each focus on a different part of Marquez’s life and career. Anecdotes are provided by Marc and his brother Alex Marquez.

  • ‘Technique’ - Marc describes the feeling of riding a MotoGP bike to its limit
  • ‘Concentration’ - insight from Marc into his daily life
  • ‘Loyalty’ - what might this tell us about Honda?
  • ‘Friendship’ - Marc explains those in his inner-circle
  • ‘Home’ - a chapter about Marc’s family
  • ‘Ego’ - beware, Valentino Rossi fans…
  • ‘Prototype’ - Marc’s hero status
  • ‘Bite through’ - the injuries, the recovery, the comeback

“The eight-time world champion has been riding two wheels his entire life,” a preview reads.

“In what way has it shaped him, how does it satisfy him? Does the much-vaunted»freedom on two wheels exist in racing? 

“Or is that too much of a romantic notion in a world where you compete elbow to elbow at 350 km/h? 

“Being Marc Márquez is not a linear biography, because the story of his life, his career, has not been written yet. 

“The man behind the iconic acronym MM93 reveals what matters to him on the racetrack and in life, and what guides him there. 

“In 10 chapters, he allows readers to get an up-close look, much closer than ever before. “Marc opens his tinted vizor and allows a peak into the mind and soul of an all-out racer, a tireless fighter and an unapologetically optimistic family guy. 

“In this book, the likeable Spaniard provides an intimate insight into his emotional world and the passion that has formed his personality–and has millions on the edges of their seats every single Sunday: How on earth did he do it this time?”