Bagnaia first noticed Marquez just a few metres behind him, sitting up and actually turning his head around to look at his rival.

Suspecting the Repsol Honda rider’s intentions, the factory Ducati rider slowed and let him pass.

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Marquez then slowed and turned his head around to stare at Bagnaia.

Marquez slowed down considerably, Bagnaia threw up his hand in frustration then ended their cat and mouse game by returning to the pits.

When Bagnaia returned with seven minutes left, he glared at the Honda garage.

Marquez went back out soon after.

Both were in the top 10 in P2 before explaining their sides to an odd exchange.

“Honestly, this time I didn’t look for anybody,” Marquez claimed.

“I was running alone with the first tyre.

“Pecco came out from the box and did a very slow outlap. Then, he was in front.

“But I was not waiting.

“Here, alone, I feel OK. I feel strong.

“I didn’t want to push in front. He didn’t want to push in front.

“He went in the box. Then I pushed, I didn’t make a good lap.

“But here, I feel OK. It is not so important, the slipstream.”

Bagnaia reacted to the events: “I was struggling a bit. I was thinking that Marc was close.

“I decided to not let him be behind me.

“I knew that I was already at the limit to pass. If he was behind, for sure he was trying to be in front.

“Finally, he is in front. The same, because he was behind Aleix Espargaro.

“I just decided because I was at the limit.”