Bagnaia feared front tyre woes, “rear vibration” costs Bezzecchi

Francesco Bagnaia says front tyre concerns at the Dutch MotoGP led to him making an early overtake on Brad Binder, which proved key to him winning the Grand Prix.
Francesco Bagnaia, MotoGP race, Dutch MotoGP, 25 June
Francesco Bagnaia, MotoGP race, Dutch MotoGP, 25 June

After watching a Ducati rider get the better of him for a third consecutive race, Bagnaia was peerless during the Dutch MotoGP.

Bagnaia tried to take the lead at turn one initially, only for Brad Binder to stun the world champion with a late-braking manoeuvre before Bagnaia made his race winning overtake two laps later.

Despite Binder and Marco Bezzecchi both trying to reel him back in at different stages, Bagnaia always had an answer en route to his sixth win of the season. 

"I tried as soon as possible because of the front tyre temperature," said Bagnaia post-race. "When you are so close behind, it’s very easy to pick up the temperature and the front tyre was a bit too soft. 

"I just tried to push lap-by-lap, and when I saw that Bez was close - he closed the gap by three tenths in one lap - I tried to push a lot again and control the gap. 

"When I noticed in the last lap that I started it with nine tenths [advantage] I was more calm."

After swapping the soft rear tyre for a medium due to the Grand Prix being much longer, Bezzecchi didn’t quite have the same level of performance as the sprint.

However, that’s not the reason he couldn’t challenge Bagnaia, as a problem with the rear of his machine was the cause. 

Bezzecchi began by saying: "Very happy because this weekend we did a very good job. We have to be satisfied because I was leading every session, made the pole position which, in qualifying, I’m normally not very good at, and also won the sprint with a very good race.

"To make another podium is fantastic. I’m satisfied because in the final part of the lap I had a probel with the bike that created a lot of nerves. I was really scared that I could lose the podium."

Asked what the exact issue was, Bezzecchi claimed a vibration was limiting his ability to carry speed in faster corners. 

"When I finally got very close I had to try and to risk. I prepared the overtake after corner five and I exited very fast. 

"Already into six I was leading before the braking. But then I pushed the gap a little bit to close [the gap] to Pecco and then I started to have this vibration on the rear that was very strong. 

"I was very scared because I couldn’t lean the bike very far on fast corners."

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