‘I won from last on the grid - my hero is Marc Marquez’

David Alonso stormed from the back of the grid to claim Moto3 glory at Silverstone, and credited his hero Marc Marquez.
Marc Marquez German MotoGP, 17 June
Marc Marquez German MotoGP, 17 June

Marquez is synonymous with stunning comebacks including going from 33rd to first in the Moto2 Valencia finale 11 years ago.

Alonso, a 17-year-old prodigy, became the first rider to win a grand prix under the Colombian flag last weekend.


“Marquez, and so was Stoner,” he told AS about his idols.

The Repsol Honda star said about the teenage prospect to AS: "David Alonso is a talent. 

“I love the way the Aspar team works, but especially Nico Terol. We are friends and I love his way of working, because he takes the riders very much around the site and that's good.”

Alonso detailed winning after starting from 28th: “Incredible. That my first victory is like this will make it stay more for the memory. 

“[On Saturday] I was bad, but today I got up and trusted myself. 

“It's been done in the past and I've said, 'Why not?' 

“Since I have the opportunity, I'm going to make it happen. 

“When I was in the last corners I thought: 'In the end, it's going to be true that I'm going to do it'. Emotion at its best.

“I was clear that the start had to be the best and, above all, the first corners, which is where it is easier to overtake. 

“People are making room and you see it better from behind. That point was quite critical. 

“The first lap I had calculated yesterday that I could be 16th and in the second round in the points, but I have been told that in the first lap I was in the points, so better.”

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Jaume Masia’s fall opened the door to a free-for-all but Alonso said: "I didn't even know he had fallen. Maybe I was behind and I didn't notice. But it may have helped us.

“I was running to do a good race and give my maximum. I was very focused. 

And when I saw the board for the first time there were five laps left, but as I saw that I had chances, I thought of a strategy to be able to win. I've started to see key points.

“Many things must be taken into account. Depending on the race it is better to be in front or behind, depending on how the overtaking is. In this one you had to be in front. 

“We also had to see on the straights how the development bike was going, and how it was going well it could be first or second. 

“And then I saw that it was also strong in braking. Seeing all that, you more or less manage yourself.

The Gaviota GASGAS Aspar Team rider explained the advice he was given by Nico Terol.

“Basically, risk as much as you can!”

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