Binder on Bagnaia horror: “Every rider’s worst nightmare, I tried to miss him”

Brad Binder said “thank goodness I saw him moving” after running over Francesco Bagnaia’s legs at the Catalunya MotoGP.
Brad Binder, MotoGP sprint race, Catalunya MotoGP, 2 September
Brad Binder, MotoGP sprint race, Catalunya MotoGP, 2 September

A terrifying incident on the first lap in Barcelona saw a multi-rider pile-up before Bagnaia highsided and landed in front of oncoming traffic, and was struck in the legs by Binder.

Bagnaia was conscious but rushed to the medical centre, and Binder later retired early from the restarted race before heading over to check on his fellow rider.

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“Crazy last couple of hours,” the KTM rider emotionally detailed. 

“I got a really good launch in the race, and I was between Maverick and Miguel going through Turn 1 and 2.

“On the exit of 2, I didn’t see a thing. Until I saw Pecco and his bike in the middle of the track.

“Then I clipped something on his bike. I was shaking trying to miss him, then I clipped his leg, or something.

“Yeah, I don’t really know. I ended up falling.

“Thank goodness I saw him moving. He’s obviously hurt but seems fine.”

After Bagnaia and Enea Bastianini (who was injured in the initial pile-up) were transported to hospital, the red-flagged grand prix was able to restart.

“I went back and started the race again.  I never had a back-up hard,” Binder said.

“The start was okay, I had to try and bring temperature to it, I did that. Then we had a technical issue.”

Francesco Bagnaia, MotoGP, Catalunya MotoGP, 3 September
Francesco Bagnaia, MotoGP, Catalunya MotoGP, 3 September

He immediately visited Bagnaia who was still on his mind.

“I went to see Pecco. He seems okay.

“It’s really… the trickiest part is to get back on, and carry on. The good thing was that I saw him move. He was moving. 

“I just clipped his leg, or legs, I don’t quite know. But I got over enough that, at least, I didn’t hit him square.

“It’s every rider’s worst nightmare. To see someone there is scary but to be the one who hits them is even more shit, to be honest.

“I don’t know if he’s okay, but he’s fine, you know what I mean?”

Binder actually said that he found Bagnaia in a better state than expected.

“I went to see him,” he said.

“Honestly, when I walked in there, I wasn’t expecting to see him chilling! He seemed okay!

“My only priority today is that I never hurt anybody.”

Aleix Espargaro won the Catalunya MotoGP, fending off Aprilia teammate Maverick Vinales.

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