Martin revealed that his leathers unzipped and watched highlights of his stunning late overtake of Quartararo in new footage released from immediately after the race.

Quartararo told race winner Marco Bezzecchi: “I could barely see you because you pulled away, but it looked pretty easy!”

Bezzecchi asked: “What was your race pace like?”

Quartararo: “1:45.7, 1:45.8, 1:45.9 and 1:46 in the last four or five laps.”

Bezzecchi: “I made a strong start, yesterday too but today I heard them coming.”

Martin, looking exhausted, entered the room and Quartararo told him: “Take a breath.”

Martin: “Sorry.”

Bezzecchi: “Are you alright?”

Martin: “Now I am!”

Bezzecchi: “No leathers?”

Martin: “How fast were you?”

Bezzecchi: “Do you want water?”

Martin: “I’m fine.”

Quartararo: “Take a seat.”

Martin: “You were coming fast. Also, my leathers opened completely!”

Bezzecchi: “All the way down?”

Quartararo: “Again?”

Martin: “It was the same as [Quartararo] in Barcelona.”

Quartararo: “To here…”

Martin: “Here. I’m already feeling better. Pass me a [water] please.”

Bezzecchi saw a highlight of Martin overtaking Quartararo and said: “Oh, you passed him?”

Martin: “On the right, you don’t have grip.”

Quartararo: “No.”

Bezzecchi: “Nice, nice, nice!”

Quartararo: “I couldn’t see there anymore!”