Marc Marquez on MotoGP aero: ‘It looks like F1, I don’t like it'

Marc Marquez wants less aerodynamics on MotoGP bikes but admits there’s no stopping it as the rules allow teams to push the limits.

Marc Marquez, Gresini Ducati, Valencia MotoGP test 28 November
Marc Marquez, Gresini Ducati, Valencia MotoGP test 28 November

Ducati have so often been the leaders when it comes to aero development, but despite joining the Italian manufacturer with Gresini Ducati, Marc Marquez wants less aero in MotoGP.

Marquez has maintained this stance over the last few seasons, however, it hasn’t stopped him from admitting he needs to adapt as the rules allow teams to continue pushing the limits.

“When I saw photos from the Shakedown and some of the aero, it looks like Formula 1,” said Marquez. “For me, I hate that way and the rules allow them to go there.

“But when I see that every time we see more aerodynamics, I don’t like it. But you need to adapt.”

Marquez, who is set for his first pre-season test of 2024 at Sepang, will jump aboard the Ducati for the second time and is eager to see how he fares at two circuits that have been problematic to him before.

“I’m looking forward to trying the bike in a circuit where I struggled a lot in the past,” added Marquez. “Valencia is a circuit that I like and from a riding style that is good.

“But I’m more curious to try the bike here and Qatar because it’s two circuits where I struggle a lot.

“It is a different pre-season because in a factory team you normally have a lot of things to test, but now it is the opposite.

“I need to work on myself, try to adapt myself to the bike and try to understand how Pecco, Martin and these guys are riding the Ducati to learn from them.”

Although the three day Sepang test will be his first aboard Ducati’s GP23 bike this year, the eight-time world champion was on circuit last week.

A private test was organised by Ducati at Portimao, which meant Marquez jumped aboard a Gresini-inspired Panigale V4 R, along with the rest of Ducati’s MotoGP contingent. 

Discussing his different training method to recent years, Marquez, said: “It was different training. Normally, since 2020 I never really rode a street bike.

“I rode motocross and then jumped straight to the MotoGP bike. But then in the last few years I wasn’t able to ride motocross because of my arm so I was riding the CBR650.

“This time, Gresini together with Ducati, organised this test in Portimao and it was okay.

“It was more to feel the speed. But to improve your skills on a MotoGP bike - they are very different bikes.”

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