Miguel Oliveira wants to ‘pay back Aprilia’s effort with results’

Miguel Oliveira has applauded Aprilia’s efforts to make sure he has full factory machinery for the 2024 season.

Miguel Oliveira
Miguel Oliveira

Miguel Oliveira will be on equal machinery to factory Aprilia riders Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales, as preparations for the 2024 MotoGP season are fully underway.

Pre-season testing gets underway on Tuesday at Sepang, and that means the Portuguese rider will have two factory RS-GP24 bikes at his disposal.

“It’s going to be a challenge because at the beginning we are going to face challenges with the bike because everything is new,” said Oliveira. 

“Taking the maximum out of the bike will also not come immediately. But it’s good that once we have data from three bikes it will be good for the direction we take in the future.

“From my side, these three days will be about regaining the speed. I haven’t touched a bike for a long time.

“I want to get back to speed, to the pace and get ready physically and mentally for the challenges that will come ahead.”

While adapting to the new bike will be a challenge, testing new items at the same time could make it a very busy three days for the former KTM rider.

Oliveira added: “We’re going to have a few things to test but in the meantime I will try to understand the bike and myself regarding which areas I need to work.

“We will try to do it at the same time as trying all the things I need to try.”

With Trackhouse Racing’s takeover of the team, Oliveira’s position inside the American-owned team is a very strong one with added team members having joined his side of the garage.

Now able to share data with the likes of Espargaro and Vinales, Oliveira is eager to repay Aprilia’s decision to give him a full factory package.

Oliveira said: “I feel very grateful for the effort they made, especially for this season. After everything that happened in Valencia, to have a clear direction for the future but to produce an additional two bikes, plus the material.

“So to arrive here with two bikes and the additional parts is a very big effort from Aprilia. My only wish is to pay them back with results.”

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