Marc Marquez didn’t bring inner-circle to Gresini: “You can’t destroy a family”

Marc Marquez opens up on the decision to leave Santi Hernandez and co at Honda

Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez has shed light on why only a single engineer followed him from Honda to Gresini.

His switch from MotoGP juggernaut Repsol Honda to one of the paddock’s smaller teams will define the next chapter of his esteemed career.

Javi Ortiz is the sole engineer to make the move alongside Marquez - even his long-time crew chief Santi Hernandez remained at Honda.

A new documentary has revealed a much different team dynamic that Marquez is entering.

Nadia Padovani, Gresini team owner, told DAZN: "My husband Fausto would be super happy about all this.

“Because although he, like us, did not imagine that a day like today could come, in which Marc would be part of our family, he would surely be very proud and very happy."

Marquez added: "For Nadia and her entire family it is very important that I am on their team, because Fausto flattered me a lot.”

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Fausto Gresini, the team founder, died in 2021.

His wife, Nadia, is now in charge.

Michele Masini, Gresini sporting director, said: "I always think, every day, I try to remember everything that (Fausto) has taught us, because I think he is the living part of this team."

Nadia added: "We are a family at heart, we always try to be well.

“Psychologically we don't want to put more pressure on the riders , we are always available for anything.”

This goes some way into explaining why Marquez did not want to overwhelm his new, family team with the high-profile inner-circle which surrounded him since his glory days at Honda.

"Nor does my influence within the box have to change that Gresini family,” Marquez insisted. “That is the reason why I have brought one of the members of my Repsol team to Gresini, but not the entire team.

“Because they have their family, their environment.

“By changing a rider you cannot destroy that family, I have to adapt to it."

Marquez’s new crew chief will be Frankie Carchedi, who worked with Fabio di Giannantonio last season at Gresini.

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