The six ways Liberty intends to ‘accelerate MotoGP growth’

Liberty Media spells out ways to 'Accelerate MotoGP Growth’

Race start, MotoGP race, Qatar MotoGP, 10 March
Race start, MotoGP race, Qatar MotoGP, 10 March

Growth and expansion were the key topics highlighted during the announcement of Liberty Media’s acquisition of MotoGP.

“Carmelo and his management team have built a great sporting spectacle that we can expand to a wider global audience,” said Greg Maffei, Liberty Media President and CEO. “We intend to grow the sport for MotoGP fans, teams, commercial partners and our shareholders.”

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta added: “We could not wish for a better partner to expand MotoGP’s fanbase around the world.”

Presentation literature accompanying the takeover likewise saw MotoGP described as having a “significant opportunity to grow, especially in underpenetrated markets”.

So how exactly does Liberty plan to achieve such growth?

The answer comes under the heading of ‘Liberty Partnership to Accelerate MotoGP Growth’ which details the following six moves:

  • Leverage Liberty’s Ability to Scale Leading Global Sports Assets
  • Expansion Opportunity Especially in Key Growth Markets including US
  • Amplify Marketing Support and Storytelling Capabilities
  • Broaden MotoGP Reach and Appeal to Drive Competition and Boost Commercial Partnerships
  • Expose Sport to Wider Fanbase and Fuel Value of Entire Ecosystem
  • Improve Hospitality and Fan Experience

Regarding the current MotoGP fanbase, in a ‘Meeting the MotoGP Fan’ section, the following data is given, sourced from the 2022 Global MotoGP Fan survey.

Female fans and those under 24 are labelled as ‘growth segments’, with younger fans ‘more likely to follow a specific rider’.

Both of those groups ‘behave differently’ to ‘Heritage fans’, who are described as 'sport-first' and support 'multiple teams and riders'.

1. Highly Engaged and Loyal Fan Base

• 92% fans identify as “avid” followers

• 82% have followed the sport for 6+ years

• 82% fans watch over 75% of all races

2. Avid Race Attendees

• 40% of MotoGP fans have attended a live race in last 5 years

• 24% have travelled to a non-home GP

3. Heritage Fans Overwhelmingly “Sport-First”

• 77% of fans support multiple teams and riders

• Most important features of sport per fans:

o Exciting races

o Overtaking / on-track action

o Close competition

o Most talented riders

o Leading manufacturers

o Fastest machinery

4. Growth Segments Behave Differently From Heritage Fans

• 1/3 of female fans followed sport for <5 years and skew younger

• Fans <24 years old more likely to follow a specific rider

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