Enea Bastianini expects MotoGP to be different in 2027 under Liberty Media

MotoGP series leader Jorge Martin, Brad Binder and Enea Bastianini were all in favour of Liberty Media’s takeover of MotoGP, calling it a positive outcome for the sport.

Enea Bastianini, Tissot, Grand Prix of the Americas, 11 April
Enea Bastianini, Tissot, Grand Prix of the Americas, 11 April

Looking to become MotoGP champion for the first time in his career this season, Jorge Martin was the first rider to speak to the press ahead of this weekend’s Americas MotoGP at COTA.

The Pramac Ducati rider, who again insisted he wants to become a factory team rider in 2025, also spoke about the huge news since Portimao which concerned Liberty Media taking over nearly full ownership of MotoGP at the end of this season. 

Liberty Media have helped make Formula 1 an unmissable show since taking over the sport, something they are aiming to do with MotoGP as well.

And giving his vote of confidence, Martin said: “I think it is really good news for MotoGP. I spoke to Carlos [Ezpeleta] and he was really happy about that.

“If he’s happy; for sure, he is a really clever boss and if he is happy then it’s a really good thing for MotoGP and also for the riders.

“If we can make the sport bigger then I think it is good news.”

Binder was also keen to highlight the positives behind the Liberty Media takeover, as he highlighted their impact in F1.

Binder stated: “It is super cool. If you look at the level in Formula 1, it is huge.

“All the people that barely watch F1 know all the guys so they have done an amazing job in that sense.

“I’m sure it will be really good for MotoGP.”

With the takeover from Liberty Media, changes to the grid could be forthcoming after 2026.

BMW have been rumoured as a potential newcomer to MotoGP, while the likes of Yamaha remain keen on getting their hands on another two bikes.

Bastianini believes changes in 2027 could add to the interest: “For me, it can be a great move. We have seen the work they have done in Formula 1 which is really good at the moment.

“I think it can be the same for MotoGP. In 2027 it will be completely different with some other bikes, so let’s see if that changes the cards on the table.”

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