Fabio Quartararo quizzed about huge money in new Yamaha deal

Fabio Quartararo discusses the financial commitment made to him by Yamaha

Fabio Quartararo, MotoGP, Grand Prix of the Americas, 14 April
Fabio Quartararo, MotoGP, Grand Prix of the Americas, 14 April

Fabio Quartararo has addressed reports that he has become MotoGP’s highest-earning rider.

Quartararo ignored interest from Aprilia to pen a new deal with Yamaha worth a reported €12m-per-year.

But despite Yamaha’s deep pockets, their bike remains concerningly uncompetitive.

Quartararo is quoted by Motorsport when asked about the finances in his deal: "We're not going to lie to each other, I think yes, as a rider, I have value.

“And Yamaha knows that very well.

“I'm honoured that a brand like Yamaha is betting on me. It's been several years that I’ve been with them.

“The No1 reason, of course, is the project for the next few years.

“Financially, I think that was a small part that was taken into account in this contract.”

The money on offer from Yamaha was reportedly three times what Aprilia were able to offer.

Quartararo’s early commitment to stay at Yamaha was perhaps unexpected but a major piece of the rider market for 2025 has now been solved.

The 2021 champion insists that the goal is to restore Yamaha to the top of MotoGP.

"Honestly, I also have an ego, I have pride,” Quartararo said.

“We won with Yamaha. We went down to the lowest point for these last two years. I also count this one.

“I want to go back with the brand which gave me the opportunity to change my career, with the brand which changed my life.”

But a reminder of Yamaha’s ongoing struggles came at the third round of 2024, at the Circuit of the Americas.

Quartararo and teammate Alex Rins were 15th and 16th respectively in the sprint race - only Honda’s Luca Marini completed the distance behind them.

Quartararo was then 12th in the grand prix while Rins did not finish.

Yamaha insist their plan is a long-term commitment to return to the summit of MotoGP.

Although Lin Jarvis will exit as team principal after 26 years at the end of 2024, he has laid out a comeback plan for the team.

The addition of engineer Max Bartolini from Ducati is seen as crucial, although the effects have not yet translated onto the track.

Yamaha are also optimistic about recruiting a satellite team for 2025, giving them double the data, riders and bikes.

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