Maverick Vinales responds to whispers about Aprilia interest in Marc Marquez

Maverick Vinales responds to rumours linking Marc Marquez with a switch to Aprilia, and addresses his own future.

Maverick Vinales, Spanish MotoGP, 25 April
Maverick Vinales, Spanish MotoGP, 25 April

The star of the show in COTA, Maverick Vinales was in no mood to discuss his future heading into round four of the 2024 MotoGP season.

Reportedly the subject of heavy interest from Honda for the next two seasons, Vinales heads to Jerez as the most in-form rider following his pole position, sprint win and grand prix triumph in COTA.

Vinales dominated both races despite having to complete a stunning comeback in the grand prix, after having been shoved wide at the opening turn.

But the talk ahead of this weekend, aside from Vinales’ future, has been about rumours linking Marc Marquez with Aprilia, to which Vinales said: “To hear this rumour means we are doing a good job. I see him more in Ducati than another place.

“But it’s too early to even think about that. Every race that we have will put me in a better position.

“To be able to, not really look for something else, but to be stronger. We need to continue developing ourself and be strong as a team, to be together and to believe we can do something greater than in Austin.

“Right now we have confidence so the last thing I want to think about is to change something or start thinking about something else.

“This is the job for the people I have at home. Obviously, there are nice challenges in this paddock. I will not say that [there is not].

“There are nice challenges that motivate every rider. But in Austin we worte history and I feel something inside which is huge for this factory which is Aprilia.

“It’s nice and most of the people were very happy. I never saw that before. I only say that when Valentino [Rossi] won. It is a good sign that we are doing a good job.”

Regarding his future and when a decision could be made, Vinales said he is no rush to commit.

“I don’t know. I have no rush,” added Vinales. “Maybe Massimo [Rivola] has more than me but I have no rush, see where other riders move. 

“It’s also important because right now I am 29 years old. I feel better than ever and I feel very young. I have long hair [laughs] and feel young.

“Still I have plenty of time. I want to be here and be present. I’m not thinking too much about my future.”

On track, Vinales moved himself up to third in the world championship with his double win in America.

Maverick Vinales, MotoGP race, Grand Prix of the Americas, 14 April
Maverick Vinales, MotoGP race, Grand Prix of the Americas, 14 April

Aiming high again at Jerez, Vinales said he’s already dreaming of another big weekend.

“To repeat the same in Jerez is something we dream about,” began Vinales. “It would be so amazing but we have to be realistic.

“We have to be smart and intelligent. Not every weekend will be like Austin but the important target is to fight every day.

“More than one race is to fight every day to be at the top trying to deliver the best performance we can deliver with our bike. Jerez is a track that Spanish riders know very well and all the factories test a lot so it will be a good challenge to keep working and keep fighting. 

“I don’t see any negative point in this track for our bike. We must be competitive and be calm to be in the level.

“It’s important to be at the level that we left Portimao and Austin [with].

“After that there is a test which is important. It will be a challenging weekend and if it’s a win I will be so happy.”

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