Jorge Martin on chatter problems: “I think we are getting back to normal”

Jorge Martin believes Ducati are getting on top of its ‘chatter’ issues.


Jorge Martin won the Spanish MotoGP sprint at Jerez before leading the grand prix until his crash at turn six.

A weekend dominated by Ducati riders, the likes of KTM and Aprilia could do very little to stop Ducati from showing their strengths once again. 

Chatter issues were some of the only concerns heading into the weekend for those aboard the GP24 machines.

But after a weekend without the issue, and a one-day test where further steps forward were made, both Martin and reigning world champion Francesco Bagnaia gave their thoughts about the issue.

Martin said: “This track was perfect because we didn’t have any vibration so I think we are getting back to normal. 

“Maybe we are getting used to the new bike and maybe the bike is adapting to the tracks. But even if it’s not like this we have solutions.

“Today we tried different solutions that made us even faster. I’m really happy about the performance and the improvements we made.”

Winner of the grand prix after holding off Marc Marquez, Bagnaia added: “With all the things we tested on Friday we improved and we solved a bit this kind of problem.

“But we have to wait in a track where we can have it.”

Ducati’s riders weren’t the only ones who discussed the matter, with Davide Tardozzi and Gino Borsoi touching on the subject.

Tardozzi added: “We still have a bit of vibration so we are working on that. The engineers worked a lot during the weekend and we think that we found something but it is not everything.

“We will keep going in this way to try and solve completely the problem. But we are pretty happy about the setting we had in the race.

We didn’t bring new parts because we are thinking that it is a matter of setting and the frame and the suspension.”

Borsoi called it one of the main focuses for Pramac during the one-day test: “It was one of the focuses today but during the weekend we didn’t have chattering.

“We had some ideas and we came here with some idea for changes on the bike but I think it is difficult to understand if we solved the problem because in the weekend we didn’t have any problem with chattering.”

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