Gigi Dall’igna on Marquez vs Bagnaia: “It was tough but fair, with mutual respect”

Gigi Dall’Igna has sent praise in the direction of Marc Marquez following his battle with Francesco Bagnaia at Jerez.

Franceso Bagnaia, Marc Marquez, MotoGP race, Spanish MotoGP, 28 April
Franceso Bagnaia, Marc Marquez, MotoGP race, Spanish MotoGP, 28 April

Gigi Dall’Igna, like everyone watching the Spanish MotoGP, was on the edge of his seat when Marc Marquez and Francesco Bagnaia did battle for victory.

The first time battling for position since they collided in Portimao, Marquez and Bagnaia made contact again in Jerez.

However, both riders remained upright and despite the contact there was a clear sign of respect between the two champions.

Discussing Bagnaia’s win, Dall’Igna said: “To say the least, an outstanding Pecco, starting from the very first lap with exceptional and textbook riding, put his personal seal on a difficult, fiery race, which expressed all the technique, intelligence and character of which he is capable.

“An important reaction was needed, all the more so after the bitterness left by the Sprint, and so it materialised.

“Rekindling the fortunes of the weekend has now become his hallmark: the strength to always find great motivation, to leave everything behind and to concentrate solely on the race, giving the best of himself, never sparing himself, in a bruising combat that is as spectacular as it is insidious for all the risks entailed.

“In other words, he stood tall and victorious with the authority justified by the number one on his fairing.”

During his post-race recap, it was telling that Dall’igna gave Marquez huge credit, which follows on from the pair having several positive interactions during the Spanish GP weekend.

Dall’Igna added: “All this also thanks to a stalwart and indomitable Marquez, a champion rediscovered who enhances Pecco's achievement even more, as well as doing justice to his team and to the great work they are all doing together.

“It was a tough but fair contest, with mutual respect, and the sign of great sportsmanship between these two greats at the end of the race is testimony to that, a gesture that I really appreciated and that gives me particular satisfaction.”

While Marquez and Bagnaia provided an incredible spectacle at the front of the field, championship leader Jorge Martin opened the door for both men to gain back big points as he crashed from the lead.

Speaking about the Pramac rider, Dall’Igna said: “And how not to mention Martin and his crash that put him out of the running in the second half of the race while in the lead: without this adversity he would certainly have been protagonist of a firework finale, such was his great show and competitiveness, already demonstrated in Saturday's Sprint Race victory.”

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