“We are the three most complete” - Francesco Bagnaia picks out title rivals

Francesco Bagnaia gives his thoughts about title fight with Jorge Martin and Marc Marquez: “We are the three most complete riders.”

Bagnaia Le Mans MotoGP
Bagnaia Le Mans MotoGP

Francesco Bagnaia was third at the French MotoGP as lost out to Jorge Martin and Marc Marquez.

Bagnaia led most of the grand prix as he looked to salvage his weekend following a second consecutive sprint DNF. 

Post-race Bagnaia was whether Martin, Marquez and himself were the main title contenders, to which the reigning world champion said: “For me we are the three most complete riders, at the moment.

“Other riders are fast enough to have a great performance and win races but I think in terms of speed and consistency - Jorge more [than us] - but consistency we are the most complete riders.

“Without the crash in Jerez for Jorge, I think it was the same result. The same guys fighting.

“I think for the championship it will be more-or-less like this.”

Unlike Jerez, Bagnaia was unable to hold off Martin and Marquez when they came through at Le Mans.

But despite being third quickest out of the leading trio, Bagnaia was able to remain a consistent threat, although he admitted it’s hard to enjoy a battle like in Le Mans. 

“I was leading and thinking the laps were going down quite well,” began Bagnaia. “But at four laps it was the first time I saw that many were remaining.

“From that moment it was quite long and the last five laps [I didn’t enjoy].

“I just tried to be as close to Jorge and when he made the mistake in corner three I didn’t take advantage of it clearly.

“But it’s very difficult to enjoy that moment. You can only enjoy it if you have a seven second gap and consider everything.

“But when you are in a group fighting it is difficult to think of anything else. You just think about doing the maximum.”

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