Alex Marquez “never happy” at Honda woes but “we could see what would happen”

Alex Marquez insists he saw Honda's current problems coming...

Alex Marquez, Argentinian MotoGP race, 3 April
Alex Marquez, Argentinian MotoGP race, 3 April

Alex Marquez insists that Honda’s difficulties were spotted in advance by some inside the garage.

Marquez is into his second season with Gresini Ducati, a team which has restored his enjoyment and reinforced his reputation within the MotoGP paddock as a talented rider.

He left Honda a year before his esteemed brother Marc, who has joined him at Gresini and swiftly started fighting for wins and podiums again.

Honda, this year without either Marquez, have performed even worse than last season so far.

“Sometimes we managed to show up,” Alex Marquez told Relevo.

“Last year there were already situations like this in which you said ‘wow... they're bad'.

“But this year I think the situation is even worse.

“I don't think the other manufacturers have improved that much, I dare say that they have gotten a little worse.

“The direction [Honda] have taken with the motorcycle has gotten worse and maybe they have to go backwards, or I don't know what they have to do.

“Despite how I left, or the movements that occurred when I was there, I tell you that I will never be happy that something like this happens.

“And even less so from a factory like Honda, when I have won a world championship in Moto3, when they gave me the opportunity in MotoGP.

“I will never be happy about a situation like this.

“But it has been something that in recent years we could see what would happen, due to movements within, due to how they are organised, all of that.”

Alex entered the premier class as Moto2 champion with Honda, the manufacturer that the Marquez name remains synonymous with.

He spent 2020 alongside his brother, until Marc’s injury, in the Repsol Honda squad.

Then the following two years were spent at LCR as the Japanese manufacturer’s below-par bike became more and more obvious.

Last year the struggles to avoid crashing forced Joan Mir to talk openly about considering retiring.

This season Luca Marini - the replacement at Repsol for Marc Marquez - is the only full-time MotoGP rider without a single point after five rounds.

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