Ducati’s unresolved asset bullishly claims “by contract” he must ride a GP26

New details shared by Fermin Aldeguer's manager hint at interesting next moves

Fermin Aldeguer, Moto2 race, Spanish MotoGP, 28 April
Fermin Aldeguer, Moto2 race, Spanish MotoGP, 28 April

Fermin Aldeguer’s precise future is unresolved, even though he is assured of a step up into MotoGP on a Ducati next year.

However, the exact team that the teenager from Moto2 will join is unconfirmed.

Pramac’s pending decision about whether to stay with Ducati (in possession of factory-spec machinery) or quit and go to Yamaha means that Aldeguer cannot be placed yet.

Gresini and VR46 are sure to stick with Ducati next year.

However, Aldeguer’s manager has confidently pointed out that they have already signed a contract that entitles them to certain treatment by Ducati.

“We have signed a 2+2 contract,” Hector Faubel told Mundo Deportivo.

“We have two safe years and another two more conditional on objectives.

“In my opinion, I think they are quite affordable because of how they can do it in MotoGP.

“By contract, the first year he can ride a Desmosedici GP24 or a GP25. There, Ducati will decide.

“The second year he will take the GP26 no matter what.”

That means that, next season for his rookie year in the premier class, Aldeguer could join Gresini or VR46 on year-old machinery.

The intrigue surrounds the following year when Aldeguer’s manager insist they are guaranteed a factory-spec bike.

Factory riders Marc Marquez and Pecco Bagnaia are already contracted to ride GP26s too.

What if Pramac don't stay with Ducati?

For now, attention is on which team Aldeguer will join next season.

“We still don't know which team he will ride for,” Faubel said.

“But Ducati has told us to be very calm.

“They have told us that they have opted for him and that we are from the house.”

Is it possible that Ducati, if they lose their Pramac team to Yamaha, could try to delay Aldeguer’s arrival into MotoGP?

“It has been published that, if Ducati tells him that he will not get on the bike next year, he would receive compensation of 300,000 euros,” Faubel said.

“It is a lie. I can't say the number, but it is much higher.”

Faubel added about Aldeguer: “He feels ready to go up, he has a lot of confidence.”

Aldeguer is sixth in the Moto2 standings.

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