MotoGP riders will be back on dual-compound tyres for only the second time this season, during this weekend's German Grand Prix at Sachsenring.

Many riders expressed concern that single compound tyres were behind the string of punishing highsides seen last time out at Laguna Seca, and have asked for asymmetric tyres (one side softer than the other) for next year's event.

Bridgestone has defended its US GP tyre choice, but pledged to consider the request for next season. Meanwhile, a decision had already been taken to supply dual-compound rear rubber for this weekend's Sachsenring round.

"Sachsenring's anti clockwise layout means it has a greater number of left-hand corners, so to best suit these conditions we have chosen our asymmetric rear slicks for the second time this season," confirmed Tohru Ubukata of Bridgestone Motorsport.

"We saw that the hard and extra hard compound asymmetric Bridgestone slicks worked well in similar conditions in Catalunya, so I am confident of their performance at this circuit.

"Here we see a great disparity between left and right corners which means that the difference in temperature between the left and the right shoulders of the rear tyres is significant, far greater than that in Laguna Seca. This is why we always planned to bring our asymmetric slicks here.

"As we approach the second half of the season, we will see a greater number of uses of the asymmetric rear Bridgestone slicks. As well as Catalunya and Sachsenring, we will take them to a further four races," he added.