This is what Casey Stoner said to Valentino Rossi when the Italian apologised for taking the Australian out of the Spanish MotoGP after a botched overtake for second place on lap 8 of 27.

Rossi rejoined to finish fifth, while new Repsol Honda rider Stoner - who won from pole at round one in Qatar, and was on pole again at Jerez - was forced to retire.

Rossi went to find Stoner in the Repsol Honda pits after the race and they shook hands, then...

Stoner (smiling): "How's your shoulder? Is it okay?"

Rossi (helmet still on): "I'm very sorry."

Stoner: "Okay. You have some problem with your shoulder?"

Rossi: "I make a mistake"

Stoner: "Yeah. Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent."

Rossi: "Eh?"

Stoner: "Ambition is more than the talent."

Rossi: "I'm very sorry."

Stoner: "No problem."



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