MotoGP's rule making Grand Prix Commission has clarified the conditions by which Ducati and Suzuki will lose Open class concessions.

Earlier this week it was announced that any Factory manufacturer without a dry victory in the previous year (Ducati) or any new manufacturer (Suzuki in 2015) can enjoy the fuel, engine, tyre and testing concessions available to the Open class.

However the race fuel and then tyre concessions are to be reduced if certain results are achieved. The main revision is that the words "and/or 2015" and "accumulated" have been inserted, highlighted in bold:

"Should any rider, or combination of riders nominated by the same Manufacturer, participating under [the Open class concessions], achieve a race win, or accumulate two second places or three podium places in dry conditions during the 2014 and/or 2015 seasons then for that Manufacturer the fuel tank capacity will be reduced to 22 litres. Furthermore, should the same Manufacturer accumulate three race wins in the 2014 and/or 2015 seasons the manufacturer would also lose the right to use the soft tyres available to Open category entries."

The changes suggest that the podium/win count will not be zeroed at the end of 2014, but carry over to 2015.

But the following, final, paragraph of the original ruling remains unchanged: "In each case the reduced concessions will apply to the remaining events of the 2014 season and the whole of the 2015 season."

The words "whole of the 2015 season" seems to go against the idea that fuel and tyre concessions could be lost during the 2015 season... Either way, a standard ECU for all will be mandatory from 2016.

It was also announced that larger 340mm carbon front brakes will be optional for Catalunya and Sepang. It is already mandatory to use the 340 mm brakes at Motegi.