The revised list of technical concessions available to some MotoGP manufacturers in 2016 has now been issued.

Although the new single ECU has wiped away the two-tier Factory and Open class rules, some technical benefits will continue for new manufacturers, or existing manufacturers without a dry win since 2013 that did not achieve six 'concession points' (podiums) last season.

Because of last year's podiums, Ducati is joining Honda and Yamaha in racing without concessions. Meanwhile, Suzuki and Aprilia are yet to claim any concession points.

For 2016, the 'full concessions' are as follows:
o The use of 9 engines per rider per season.
o Engines are exempt from the engine homologation regulations (development freeze).
o Teams may test with contracted riders and test riders at any time and any circuit, using the team's Test Tyre Allocation (120 tyres per rider).

We've summarised what that means for each manufacturer in the table below:

So, compared to the 2015 concessions, there will no longer be:
o 4 litres of extra race fuel. The new limit of 22 litres is midway between the old Factory limit of 20 and former Open class limit of 24.
o 12 engine changes per rider, while the old Factory limit for Yamaha and Honda was 5 engines.
o A softer rear tyre allocation. Coinciding with the start of the Michelin era, all competitors will get the same tyre options at each race.
o Different ECU software. Factory class, including those with concessions, could previously use their own bespoke software.

The system for removing or returning concessions will continue to be based on accumulating 'concession points' for podium finishes in dry or wet conditions:
o First place = 3 concession points.
o Second place = 2 concession points.
o Third place = 1 concession point.

If Suzuki or Aprilia reach 6 concession points during this season:
o Unlimited testing will be immediately cancelled.
o 9 engines per rider will continue to the end of the season, then drop to 7 for 2017.
o Exemption from the engine development freeze will continue until the end of the season, then be cancelled for 2017.

If Honda, Yamaha or Ducati fail to claim a single concession point in 2016:
o All riders using that manufacturer's machines will benefit from the full list of concessions in 2017.

No restriction on bikes per manufacturer:
o Previously, each manufacturer was limited to a maximum of 4 entries in the Factory class.
o For 2016, the only limit is a maximum of two entries in each Factory team. 'Manufacturers
may also lease motorcycles and equipment to Independent teams.'

Rider Penalty Points 'clarification' for 2016:
o 'Each sanction due to accumulation of penalty points (back of grid start for 4 points, pit lane start for 7 points, suspension for 10 points) can be served only once by each rider, until the rider passes 10 points'.
o This would solve the issue of, for example, Valentino Rossi receiving a second back-of-the-grid start if he receives 1 penalty point after his Misano 2015 point expires in September, but before the 3 points from Sepang are wiped clear in October.
o It would also mean that, if Rossi drops back to zero penalty points after Sepang, he could then afford to accumulate six points before being sanctioned again (pit lane start).

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