Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, continues her reports with the couples journey to South Africa (via London) for this weekends GP during which - amongst other things - they spotted a celebrity couple...

"Hello from way down south!

"I apologise for the long delay on the email updates. You see, my wonderful boyfriend gave the computer a virus while he was surfing the net. I won't tell you what kind of sights he was surfing, but all I know is he's on my s**t list now 'cause I can only be on for a very short period of time before it kicks me off. Oh the joys of computers and boyfriends!!! Just joking, but really, I do have a virus in my computer.

"Anyway, so we flew first class to London on British Airways. It was great, I felt like a celebrity. Well, not really but it was nice. Our travel agent does wonders!

"Once we got to London, John's cousin Mark picked us up and we went to his house near London. It was good to see Mark and Joy again, they crack me up. Mark always gives John shit and harasses him (which he needs at times), I just sit back and laugh. We only stayed for a few hours before heading to the airport again to meet up with the team. I thought the line was going to be long to check in but it wasn't, we breezed right through.

"After that, when I was going through security I noticed a guy in the fast track line. I was suppose to go in fast track but stupid me went through the wrong one. Anyway, I noticed a guy in fast track security and I thought to myself, "that looks like Chris Martin from Coldplay." Then, before I knew it, I see Miss Gwyneth Paltrow too.

"She looks totally different in person, still very pretty though. She's not as thin as she looks on camera but is very pretty. I have to admit, I was star struck and got nervous. I wanted to go up and say hi and/or get a picture but I was star struck. Ridiculous I know. Next time, I'll grow some b*lls and go up to whoever I see next and say, "smile for the camera!"

"We flew down to Johannesburg with the team and now we are in Welkom South Africa. The weather is nice and warm, which is great. I couldn't get on line at the hotel so I had to wait to get on here at the track. BTW, I don't know how many people have seen this movie called Artificial Intelligence or A.I., but I saw it this morning and I balled my eyes out. It's so sad!!!! John was making fun of me but I couldn't help it! Poor little robot/boy! I had to throw that in this paragragh.

"Well, that's it for now. Until later when something exciting happens, I shall write again. I guess the riders are planning on boycotting Suzuka this weekend? I hope it passes ok for the memory of Kato."