Persistent rainfall throughout the second and final qualifying session at the Le Mans circuit in France prevented Camel Pramac Pons duo Max Biaggi and Tohru Ukawa from improving on their start positions for tomorrow's 28-lap MotoGP race.

Nonetheless, each rider secured a second row start because of their dry first day lap times and thus Biaggi will line up fifth on the grid, Ukawa eighth.

Technical Director Antonio Cobas was the first to admit that the team just don't have a reliable wet weather set-up yet, and haven't had chance to explore all the electronic traction control devices available on the RCV.

"The bike has many electronic components that help to minimize loss of traction and we have not had enough time to optimise our resources," stated Cobas, describing the main source of the their grip problems. "This has practically been the first day of practice for us with this bike, and with Ukawa and Biaggi, under these conditions and clearly there is still work to do. To be honest, I hope the race is run in dry conditions".

For Biaggi, a Le Mans winner in the 500cc class during the 2001 season, the 4.180km French track is a well-known quantity, and his fifth placed starting position should allow him an opportunity to make a start with any leading group that develops, but if its wet, the Roman Emperor may struggle to stay with them.

"When the forecast is that the race will be run in wet conditions, to go out and ride beforehand in the rain is ideal preparation and we spent both sessions today looking for the right set-up in these conditions," said Max. "I am happy because I have lapped very consistently and I am gaining more confidence in the wet than on other occasions. It is important to bear in mind that it will be a complicated race and my main problem is still under braking.

"I have always raced well at this track but it is clear that this is no guarantee for a good result tomorrow - especially if the weather changes between wet and dry, but I hope it will be dry in any case," admitted the #3.

Team-mate Ukawa's fall in the morning session, and a later run off the circuit under braking for the first chicane, brought unwanted elements of drama to his wet weather experiences and the Japanese doesn't sound confident.

"We do not have a good wet set-up yet and we have try to make some more changes to the settings tomorrow. Not small changes either, I think we have to make a big step," confessed Tohru. "The track is very slippery in wet conditions and it is very easy for the tyres to lose grip. I had a crash early in the day and ran off the track under braking in the afternoon but I have no problems with injury."