The following statement has been released by WCM racing director Peter Clifford (pictured), revealing that his team will join forces with Czech company Blata to run a V6 machine in the 2005 MotoGP world championship.

The full statement can be seen below:

"(On) Monday July 19th, 2004 an agreement was made between Blata s.r.o and World Championship Motorsports to develop a V6 MotoGP machine with which to contest the 2005 World Championship.

"The Blata V6 is a thrilling venture for the young company previously famous for the Blata mini bike raced the world over. The leap into the greatest class in motor cycle racing offers the chance to showcase the wealth of technological expertise available in the Czech Republic.

"Though Blata has only been in existence since 1990 it already sells 15,000 machines a year. The new factory was completed in 2000 It will soon be joined by a second manufacturing facility to be completed in October 2004 plus a third due for completion in 2009. This will result in a manufacturing capability of 100,000 units per year.

"The Japanese manufacturers such as Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki used Grand Prix racing in the 1960s to give their engineers a way of rapidly developing and expressing their knowledge and experience. It also gave their brands world wide exposure. In 2005 there is no better way to achieve the same goals than to take up the challenge of competing in the MotoGP World Championship.

"World Championship Motorsports bring to this partnership Grand Prix winning experience. Red Bull Yamaha WCM became one of the best known teams at the turn of the century. In the last two years WCM has campaigned its own MotoGP machine and put the WCM name in the record books again.

"WCM recognised that they needed a strong technical partner to have any chance of challenging the factory supported teams and joining with Blata in this project achieves that.

"The Czech Republic has a great history in motorcycle sport through brands such as Jawa and CZ. It is hoped that this project is taking the first step to recapture some of that magic.

"More details of the project will be announced at the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic 20th 22nd August."

Harris WCM currently field Chris Burns and Michel Fabrizio in the premier GP class. Impressive rookie Fabrizio has claimed the team's best result of the year with tenth at a wet Spanish Grand Prix.


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