Founded in Milan in 1936, San Carlo has 12 production plants, 2500 employees, 200,000 customers and a Europe-wide distribution network.

"This year our alliance aims to build on the excellent results of the first two seasons," said San Carlo Alberto Vitaloni. "In Team Honda Gresini we have found a reliable partner with whom we share goals, values and passion for the sport."

"I'm satisfied and proud of the agreement between the San Carlo Group and Team Gresini: after two seasons this constructive partnership is now stronger than ever and ready to grow," added team principal Fausto Gresini. "This partnership also constitutes a positive sign for the entire MotoGP environment: a major Italian company has decided to become the main sponsor of an Italian team. A relationship based on mutual respect and shared sporting values.

"Team San Carlo Honda Gresini now faces a MotoGP season that, as initial testing indicates, will be hard-fought - a championship that will undoubtedly generate massive and passionate public interest.

"For this season my team has chosen a young rider, Alex de Angelis, who represents the future of MotoGP: already an expert after numerous seasons in 125 and 250, he is starting to show his huge potential in MotoGP too. The decision to go with Alex - to go with youth and look to the future of the world championship - is a really exciting challenge.

"de Angelis is flanked by another first-class rider, Shinya Nakano: expert, hungry for success and highly motivated. I'm convinced Nakano will have a good season too.

"Together with the new main sponsor, whose faith in us has been reinforced by two years of positive partnership, it goes without saying that I also want to thank some other key players: Honda and its RC212V, Bridgestone and, of course, my team, whose passion and experience play an essential role in our success," he concluded.

Gresini is the only Honda MotoGP team to use Bridgestone tyres.