Tech3 boss Herve Poncharal poured cold water on paddock rumours that his team might have been considering former riders Jonas Folger or Xavi Vierge for a place in its 2019 MotoGP line-up.

"It's all bullshit!" Poncharal said.

Hafizh Syahrin is now officially confirmed as remaining at the team for the switch from Yamaha to KTM machinery next year, alongside rookie Miguel Oliveira.

But speaking just before the Syahrin announcement, Poncharal explained that - like just about everyone else - he isn't even able to contact Folger, who left the team in turmoil when he quit just before the start of testing in January.

"I don't know what Folger is doing. The only thing I know is, he is uncontactable," Poncharal said. "Nobody can reach him.

"There were people at Milwaukee when Eugene Laverty was injured who tried to call him and when Schrotter had a problem they tried to reach him… Everybody who tried to get contact him, impossible. So he has no interest at the moment to reply.

"I like Jonas Folger a lot and I have a lot of respect for his talent. A lot. Because I took him against 90% of the paddock saying, 'you are stupid, you shouldn't'. I did. It was quite successful, but in the end it didn’t work…

"So I don't know about Folger. I'm not going to sign him because, firstly he has never been in contact with me, and also I don’t think he ever showed any desire [to return] - through any media or any friends.

"He could have come and said hello. Even our sponsor Motul Germany wanted to invite him to the Sachsenring as an ambassador and do things with him. He never managed to get back to them. He doesn't reply. This is the situation.

"If he ever wants to come back here I'd be happy to talk to him. But I'm not going to sign him [for MotoGP].

"Who is going to take the risk? Because we know his level. The level is unbelievably good. But when you take the risk that maybe after one, two, three, four races he is out… what do you do. It's not easy to replace a rider."

Syahrin was signed to fill the void left by Folger's shock exit, due to unresolved fatigue issues that saw him miss the final rounds of 2017.

But had Xavi Vierge not left Tech3's Moto2 team at the end of last season, the Spaniard would surely have been first in line to take over the MotoGP ride.

Instead, Vierge had already switched to the Intact team, where he has so far matched his best Moto2 finish of second with Tech3.

"Vierge? No. He was with us for three years and decided to move, for reasons you would have to ask him," Poncharal said.

"We were in the same hotel at Le Mans and I'd see him at breakfast. We were talking, laughing and joking.

"We are good friends. But I think he has signed a two-year deal with Intact so [we are not speaking with him]."

Although the 2019 MotoGP riders are now confirmed, Tech3 is still to decide on its future Moto2 line-up.

The team will be switching from its own chassis to the KTM frame, for what will be Moto2's first season with Triumph engines.