It’s remarkable to think that it has been more than 18 years since we bid a fond farewell to the two-stroke era of the 500cc class and ushered in the new wave of four-stroke motorcycles, together with the entire MotoGP rebrand.

Since then we have seen eras come and go, from Valentino Rossi’s dominant campaigns on both Honda and Yamaha machinery, the Jorge Lorenzo years, plus Casey Stoner taking Ducati to its maiden - and so far only - success and of course Marc Marquez in more recent times.

However, a rider is only as good as the machine below him when it comes to winning races and titles, which is why MotoGP has become the pinnacle of technology over the years, creating some spectacular innovations that married to the right rider can perform miracles.

But which is the greatest MotoGP motorcycle of all time? It’s not an easy list to compile but we've given it a go, including machines you can find on today's grid and others that set the benchmark when MotoGP first hit the ground running in 2002.

And we're not simply plumping for the obvious title winners, we have machines that made a huge step forward year-on-year, others that moved the game on technologically and others that triumphed against adversity against big budget factory rivals.

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