When Cal Crutchlow confirmed he would be stepping aside from full-time MotoGP race ride duties for 2021, there was only one person the media turned to for a reaction; Jack Miller.

Indeed, while MotoGP is a championship forged largely on rivalries - bitter or otherwise - Miller and Crutchlow nonetheless formed a close bond from the moment they were placed together in the LCR Honda team for the 2015 season, just as the Australian was making the sizeable leap into MotoGP (CRT) from Moto3.

Rather than resort to doing all he could to defeat his new team-mate, Crutchlow took Miller under his wing, forging a friendship that has endured to their last (for now) race together in Portimao.

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While Miller maintained the banter while gushing about ‘Crutch’ during the Portimao finale (“he’s a bad smell, he won’t go away”), the 2021 Ducati Corse rider has dedicated a touching social media post to say thanks to his mate for helping him get to where he is today.

“Before I finish up on season 2020 and move onto my next chapter, I can’t go on without saying a few words about my old mate @ Cal Crutchlow. He's been an icon for this sport for 10 years, one of the hardest working guys I've ever seen. 

“Seeing how hard you’ve worked, it’s definitely rubbed off on myself and I can’t wait to lock in for the years to come knowing all of learnt from you. 

“Coming out for the final runs of Q2 together in Portugal was special, just two great mates enjoying being on the bike. I’ll be forever grateful to share the mateship that we have, thanks Crutch.”

Altogether now, nawwwww… and for old time’s sake, watch the pair bounce off each other with a spot of tongue-in-cheek commentating.