Miller stoked about - 'My confidence I feel in the front end'

'How I'm really able to let the brakes off and let the bike really roll and carry some decent corner speed', - Jack Miller feeling at one with factory Ducati bike after pre-season MotoGP testing comes to a finish. 
Jack Miller Qatar MotoGP Test, 11 March 2021
Jack Miller Qatar MotoGP Test, 11 March 2021
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Sandy and windy conditions were the main players on the final day of MotoGP testing in Qatar, with only five riders braving the sketchy Doha weather. 

One rider who did not take to the track among the many that sat out, was the quickest rider of the five days Jack Miller. 

The Australian holds the unofficial lap record, after setting a blistering 1m 53.183s lap time on day three. 

The 2020 season saw 9 different winners in just 14 rounds, but one of those was not Miller. However, the form shown by the new factory Ducati rider suggests that could very well change in 2021. 

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Speaking about this after the test, Miller said: "Yeah, we had some close chances last year, but for sure, best chance to date. Let's say that.

"I don't want it to be like a one-and-done sort of thing, I'd like something to build on. But I feel prepared, as prepared as I can be for the grand prix here.

"As I said, the race sim went pretty well yesterday, and my crew chief is talking about doing another one today, which I'm stoked to hear about [/sarcasm].

"I feel like we've done all the work, everything we have needed to get through or test, I have done. And everything I've wanted or needed from the bike, we've sort of found our way around it, to give me that sort of feedback."

Ducati have been very strong at Qatar in recent seasons due to their top speed; mainly in the hands of Andrea Dovizioso. However, Miller is finding that the turning ability for him is the reason why. 

Asked about his biggest takeaway from the test, he said: "Just my confidence I feel in the front end, to be honest. How I'm really able to let the brakes off and let the bike really roll and carry some decent corner speed.

"I haven't really had that confidence in this thing ever, and especially through the faster corners, 12, 13, 14, 15, just letting the brakes off and really letting the bike hook in and turn, it feels fantastic.

"So that's definitely the biggest bonus for me riding here in Qatar, and really being able to take the maximum out, using all the track, using all the kerbs, both inside and outside and just really making the most of it through there, it feels really good. And of course having good speed is nice too." 

Much like last year, the 2020 season should see plenty of different winners, and with many different bikes and riders looking strong, it's hard to pin-point a clear favorite. 

"It's hard to say. I don't feel like Suzuki have really shown their cards at this test. I don't know what you guys feel there, but I think they're a threat nonetheless," said the Australian.

"And then both those factory Yamahas for sure, Fabio and Maverick have been quick all the test. But we'll wait and see in race conditions how they get on.

"Pol on the Honda seems to be doing a pretty solid job here so far, so I think he's definitely impressed me probably the most out of everyone I think. But the main thing is I think Yamaha and Suzuki. 

"Frankie [Morbidelli], I put him in the same boat as the Yamahas, I feel like he's just keeping his powder dry, not really showing us too much at the moment, but I think he will be there in the race for sure.

"We know how Frankie is in the races, and he's a fantastic racer. I feel like sometimes more of a racer than any of the testing or anything like that, this guy's a real racer. So for sure he's there at 2 o'clock."

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