With Fabio Quartararo the exception in P2, it was an unexpectedly difficult day for Yamaha as Valentino Rossi was next best in qualifying for the German MotoGP with 16th. 

Team-mate Franco Morbidelli was 18th, while Maverick Vinales could only manage 21st position - both riders had crashes too.

While on paper it doesn’t look great or much of an improvement from yesterday for Rossi, the nine-time world champion was relatively happy with how things played out. 

"The day was better than yesterday because we improved the feeling with the bike and our pace. I was better in sector three but, as always, we are all very fast, very close," said Rossi. 

"I will start from P16 and the qualifying is always very difficult, very complicated here and you have a lot of top riders at the bottom of the grid. 

"We need to work and to improve some small details for tomorrow, and after that we need to wait for the weather conditions for the race because the tyre choice is open. 

"We need to try to do the right tyre choice and understand if we have enough grip during the race."

Since 2019 MotoGP has undergone changes to its tyre compound in relation to carcass types - softer tyres being introduced. 

Why is this news? Well, Rossi throughout his career has much preferred the stiffer, harder type of tyre carcass - ones that in 2018 were last used and allowed him to finish P3 in the championship. 

The Italian believes this has been one of the biggest issues, not just for this year, but since the change in 19. 

Rossi said: "I think I was strong, fast and competitive in 2018. I was not able to win a race, but I arrive P3 in the championship with 5-6 podiums and I feel strong. For example, also here in Sachsenring I finish 2nd. 

"From 2019 something changed and we needed to work on the bike in a different way compared to the past. Personally I like very much good support from the rear and a hard bike on the rear, this for all my career. 

"From that point the tyres started to suffer very, very much from this type of setting. We needed to work with the bike in another way and make the bike more soft. Ride to load the tyre in a better way, more smooth. If not, the tyre gives up. 

"With this type of setting and these types of tyres I am in more trouble. I am not able to use my style. But it is like this and you need to find a way to improve."