Yet more wet weather struggles for Yamaha leaves Andrea Dovizioso last during Friday’s combined free practice times at the Emilia-Romagna MotoGP. 

The Italian was one of four Yamaha riders to encounter grip issues - rear grip to be specific, which mostly came in mixed conditions rather than FP1’s full wet session. 

Since his return to MotoGP a month ago, Dovizioso has had at least one day of wet weather running at each race weekend, which has helped him confirm areas of the M1 that have previously proved troublesome for the Japanese manufacturer, despite ‘not riding the bike in the best way’ still.    

Speaking after day-one, Dovizioso added: "Already in Misano one; every weekend I rode in the wet, but it was nice to have a feeling of calm, but also I was able to confirm some limits of the bike where other riders complain in the last two years. 

"So, I think, like in the dry, braking and entry is very good. But we are struggling a bit on the grip, rear grip, and on the wet everything becomes a bit more difficult. 

"For sure, I’m still not riding the bike in the best way, but when you have that kind of feeling it’s not so important the position that you’re in. 

"It’s about being faster and being in the right way. I think that it’s very clear what has to be better and I think it’s important for Yamaha to have a lot of things confirmed for different bikes. 

"I think in this moment it’s clear for them. The other half is to understand how to be better in that area, it’s not always easy. But anyway, it’s clear for everybody." 

Although he’s only been with the team for a month, and therefore a clear answer as to what the struggles (beside grip) are in conditions he previously excelled at with Ducati are tough to say, Dovizioso has ruled out ‘set-up’ as an issue or something that could improve the performance. 

"I don’t have enough experience with Yamaha to answer exactly, but this thing I have now is not about set-up," added Dovizioso.