In this extract from the latest MotoGP podcast, MotoGP technical director Danny Aldridge explains what is and isn't allowed as far as ride-height devices, and how they are checked for legality.

Ducati was the first factory to introduce a rear-lowering holeshot system for the start of a race, aiding acceleration by reducing wheelies, during 2018.

By the end of 2019, the system had evolved to allow Ducati riders to lower the rear of the bike not only at the start but whenever they were accelerating onto a long straight.

Rival manufacturers all now have similar technology, although Ducati and Aprilia are thought to have systems that, once triggered by the rider, can 'automatically' lower the bike at the right moment on the exit of the corner.

"What I do is go into the pit box and say 'okay, disconnect all electronics and show me how it works'," Aldridge explained. "It must be able to engage and disengage without any power going to it. It also cannot be charged, either by air, gas or fluid..."

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