After losing points to Francesco Bagnaia for the past four races, reigning MotoGP champion and title leader Fabio Quartararo struck back by edging out the Italian during the second and final day of the Misano test.

Having got the better of Sunday's winner and day one test leader Bagnaia by just 0.056s in the Wednesday morning session, Quartararo returned in the afternoon to deliver the test best of 1m 31.054s (also under the official pole record) at 3:45pm.

Bagnaia, like the other Ducati riders, was unable to fight back having already finished testing at lunchtime. Aprilia's title contender Aleix Espargaro was another afternoon absentee, injuring his finger in a fall at Turn 14 shortly after midday.

The top six on the combined testing timesheets were: Quartararo, Bagnaia, Maverick Vinales, Enea Bastianini, Aleix Espargaro and Jorge Martin.

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Combined Times (Tuesday & Wednesday)
1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.054s2
2Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.118s2
3Maverick VinalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.135s2
4Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.206s2
5Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.279s2
6Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.385s2
7Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.419s1
8Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.531s2
9Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.537s1
10Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.551s2
11Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.552s1
12Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.56s2
13Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.588s2
14Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.653s1
15Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.732s2
16Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.749s2
17Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.81s2
18Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.873s2
19Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+0.882s1
20Michele Racing (GP22)+1.016s2
21Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.254s2
22Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.292s2
23Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.379s2
24Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.58s1
25Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.766s1
26Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.325s1
27Dominique AegerterSWISuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+2.853s1
28Andrea DoviziosoITAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)+3.843s1

Quartararo, 30 points clear of Bagnaia with six rounds to go, had a prototype 2023 M1 engine, new chassis (which might be used at Aragon) and new aerodynamics to try at the test.

Vinales was 0.381s behind Quartararo in the final track session, when only 12 riders set a time.

Marc Marquez finished the morning session in tenth place, but a competitive +0.526s after 34 laps. 

The Repsol Honda star, sidelined for 100 days by the latest surgery on his right arm, had agreed to a limit of 40 laps on his Tuesday return (he did 39). But the Spaniard comfortably beat that tally on Wednesday, getting back into his leathers and returning for another 27 laps this afternoon, meaning an impressive total of 61 for the day.

While Marquez's speed is not in doubt, race-distance endurance and recovery time for his aching muscles will largely determine if he enters next weekend's Aragon round. On the technical side, the eight time world champion had new aerodynamic and chassis parts to try as HRC works to end its current slump.

Although he officially retired from MotoGP after Sunday's race, Andrea Dovizioso rode his final 16 laps for RNF Yamaha on Tuesday to help Alpinestars with the development of a new helmet.

Cal Crutchlow will replace Dovizioso from the Aragon MotoGP, which takes place from September 16-18. 

End of Session 2

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, End of Session 2 (6pm)
1=Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.054s26/32
2^5Maverick VinalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.381s19/37
3^2Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.660s33/33
4˅1Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+0.732s43/43
5˅1Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.749s45/46
6˅4Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.810s8/22
7˅1Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.273s18/27
8=Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.648s11/22
9=Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.765s23/30
10^2Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.894s16/16
11˅1Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.492s3/30
12˅1Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+2.851s9/9

* Rookie

^X Rider is X positions higher than previous hour.
= Rider is same position as previous hour.
˅X Rider is X positions lower than previous hour.

Fastest Day 1 time:
Francesco Bagnaia ITA Ducati 1m 31.292s

Official Misano MotoGP records:
Best lap:
Francesco Bagnaia ITA Ducati 1m 31.065s (2021)
Fastest race lap:
Enea Bastianini ITA Ducati 1m 31.868s (2022)

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, Session 2 (5pm)
1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.054s26/32
2Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.810s8/22
3Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.043s10/23
4Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.089s17/31
5Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+1.255s20/20
6Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.273s11/26
7Maverick VinalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+1.332s3/11
8Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.648s11/22
9Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.765s23/24
10Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.492s3/12
11Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+2.851s9/9
12Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+2.992s4/5


2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, Session 2 (4pm)
1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.054s26/27
2Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.810s8/22
3Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.043s10/10
4Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.089s17/23
5Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.320s6/12
6Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+1.515s4/8
7Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.648s11/18
8Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.822s4/16
9Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.492s3/12
10Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+2.851s9/9
11Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+2.992s4/5


2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, Session 2 (3pm)
1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.853s13/13
2Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.011s8/13
3Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.577s9/11
4Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.559s4/4
5Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+2.052s9/9


End of Session 1

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, End of Session 1 (12:45pm)
1^2Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)1m 31.116s39/40
2˅1Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.056s33/48
3˅1Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.073s14/39
4^2Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.144s31/39
5˅1Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.217s36/36
6˅1Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.323s14/37
7=Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.469s27/42
8^1Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.489s34/34
9˅1Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.498s9/35
10^6Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.526s29/34
11˅1Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.725s13/35
12=Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.748s43/45
13˅2Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.811s11/22
14˅1Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.846s14/25
15˅1Michele Racing (GP22)+0.954s17/37
16˅1Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+1.044s21/43
17=Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.159s37/37
18^1Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.192s36/36
19˅1Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.230s44/44
20^1Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.317s36/38
21˅1Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.736s31/50
22=Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.921s10/28
23=Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.531s29/46

^X Rider is X positions higher than previous hour.
= Rider is same position as previous hour.
˅X Rider is X positions lower than previous hour.

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, Session 1 (12pm)
1^2Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)1m 31.172s
2˅1Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.017s
3˅1Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.131s
4^5Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.267s
5˅1Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.328s
6=Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.350s
7^5Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.413s
8˅3Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.442s
9^8Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.625s
10˅3Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.669s
11˅3Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.755s
12˅1Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.761s
13˅3Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.790s
14^1Michele Racing (GP22)+0.898s
15˅2Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+0.988s
16=Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.054s
17˅3Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.193s
18=Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.240s
19=Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.454s
20^2Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.680s
21˅1Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.798s
22˅1Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.865s
23=Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.475s


HRC test rider Stefan Bradl trying an aluminium (rather than the usual carbon fibre) swingarm, made by Kalex (pic: Dorna).

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, Session 1 (11am)
1Maverick ViñalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)1m 31.189s14/14
2Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.114s11/17
3Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.302s19/19
4Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.311s14/22
5Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.425s9/19
6Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.518s13/13
7Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.652s13/13
8Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.738s11/16
9Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.771s13/13
10Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.773s14/15
11Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.810s6/16
12Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.944s11/16
13Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+1.163s11/16
14Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.186s5/9
15Michele Racing (GP22)+1.221s11/11
16Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.241s10/11
17Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+1.351s5/11
18Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.442s15/17
19Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.474s16/16
20Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.781s4/17
21Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.848s10/10
22Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+2.173s21/25
23Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.609s21/23


2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 2, Session 1 (10am)
1Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)1m 31.635s5/5
2Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.900s3/3
3Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.966s4/4
4Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.983s9/10
5Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.335s4/4
6Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.452s6/6
7Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+2.133s8/9
8Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+2.318s6/6
9Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.566s11/11

Marc Marquez set the 18th fastest lap time, but only 1.1s from the top, during his MotoGP return on day one.

Sidelined for 100 days following bone realignment surgery on his right arm, the sore Repsol Honda star completed 39 laps in the morning session (+0.8s) and then sat out Tuesday afternoon to prepare for day two.

Meanwhile, Bagnaia and Ducati continued their momentum from the San Marino race weekend, topping day one of testing as Desmosedici riders filled three of the top four places.

Aleix Espargaro may now been replaced by four-in-a-row winner Bagnaia as Fabio Quartararo's nearest title rival, but the Aprilia rider gave a reminder of his potential by leading the morning session with a time good enough for third overall.

Reigning world champion Quartararo was just behind Espargaro's on-form team-mate Maverick Vinales in sixth, the Frenchman being impressed by his first taste of the 2023 Yamaha engine as well as a new chassis, which might be used next time at Aragon.

Suzuki gave Dominique Aegerter a surprise MotoGP debut alongside Alex Rins on Tuesday morning, then packed up from what was the team's final test before leaving MotoGP at the end of this season.

Aegerter lapped just 2.6s from Bagnaia during his 33 laps and if Joan Mir is still not fit for Aragon, might the reigning World Supersport champion and newly crowned Moto3 title winner be back on the GSX-RR in Spain?

"Dominique did a very good job, only a few laps but reasonable times! Hopefully we’ll see Joan back with us in Aragon, and we should have an update about that in the next days," said team manager Livio Suppo.

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End of Day 1

2022 Misano MotoGP Test - Day 1, Combined Session Times
1Francesco BagnaiaITADucati Lenovo (GP22)1m 31.292s2
2Luca MariniITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP22)+0.181s2
3Aleix EspargaroSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.239s1
4Jorge MartinSPAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.262s2
5Maverick VinalesSPAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+0.265s1
6Fabio QuartararoFRAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.296s1
7Marco BezzecchiITAMooney VR46 Ducati (GP21)*+0.299s2
8Johann ZarcoFRAPramac Ducati (GP22)+0.314s2
9Pol EspargaroSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+0.415s1
10Enea BastianiniITAGresini Ducati (GP21)+0.449s1
11Brad BinderRSARed Bull KTM (RC16)+0.624s2
12Alex RinsSPASuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+0.644s1
13Fabio Di GiannantonioITAGresini Ducati (GP21)*+0.658s1
14Franco MorbidelliITAMonster Yamaha (YZR-M1)+0.756s2
15Jack MillerAUSDucati Lenovo (GP22)+0.853s2
16Miguel OliveiraPORRed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.044s1
17Raul FernandezSPAKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.103s2
18Marc MarquezSPARepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.103s1
19Alex MarquezSPALCR Honda (RC213V)+1.116s2
20Takaaki NakagamiJPNLCR Honda (RC213V)+1.175s2
21Michele Racing (GP22)+1.27s1
22Stefan BradlGERRepsol Honda (RC213V)+1.342s1
23Remy GardnerAUSKTM Tech3 (RC16)*+1.447s1
24Dani PedrosaSPARed Bull KTM (RC16)+1.447s2
25Darryn BinderRSAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)*+1.528s1
26Lorenzo SavadoriITAAprilia Racing (RS-GP)+2.087s1
27Dominique AegerterSWISuzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)+2.615s1
28Andrea DoviziosoITAWithU Yamaha RNF (YZR-M1)+3.605s1