Jerry Nadeau will arrive in Atlanta with the same No. 25 Chevrolet Monte Carlo he drove to victory lane last November when the UAW-Delphi team returns for the Cracker Barrel 500 on March 11.

"Atlanta is one of those tracks that is really fast, but you've got to be very smooth and have a perfect line during each lap to have really fast laps," explained Nadeau. "A good car means a lot there, and I know we have one of our best UAW-Delphi Monte Carlos to take with us. A good motor is going to mean a lot at Atlanta too, and I think the guys at Hendrick Motorsports are going to give us a strong engine so we'll have a chance to win there again."

"We're taking the same car we won with at Atlanta last year," said Gordon Gibbs, who continues to serve as the crew chief for Team 25 this weekend. "In fact, I've gotten the exact same springs and shocks we had under the car for the November race out of the closet, blown the dust off and put them on the transporter to take with us. And the same shocks and springs we used for qualifying are under the car right now, ready to go."

What makes this car so special?

"This car is special because Jerry loves the hell out of it. It's the same car we ran at Lowe' Motor Speedway last October. We ran its sister cars in The Winston and the Coca-Cola 600 at Lowe's Motor Speedway last year, too. I feel like all of our cars are good, but those three sister cars are built just alike and they have been especially good for us."

Meanwhile, Nadeau's motorcoach driver, John "Viggy" Vignona, is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the restaurants near each of the NASCAR Winston Cup Series tracks. This week the Long Island, N.Y., native had no problems coming up with a recommendation.

"Pappadeaux and Pappasitos - is there any other question? Pappadeaux is Cajun - etouffee and alligator tail - it doesn't get any better than that! It gets four steering wheels, leather wrapped. Pappasitos is just killer Mexican food, so it gets three steering wheels. These two restaurants are all the same no matter where you are - they're the only chain restaurants I like. If you like flavourful food, they're unbelievable."