The decision allowing Cingular branding to be swapped for AT&T on Jeff Burton's #31 Chevrolet may prompt a copycat move as another of the Nextel Cup communications industry sponsors seeks a similar remedy.

Richard Childress' team was allowed to change the logos on Burton's car ahead of the Nextel All-Star event after a court ruled that AT&T should be able to display its brand, despite opposition from the series sponsor - an industry rival which has clauses built into its deal with NASCAR to prevent too much opposition within the series.

Cingular's involvement preceded Nextel's and was allowed to continue, but the move to replace it with AT&T branding kicked up a storm. However, the ruling has now opened eyes elsewhere, with another communications giant, Alltel, making noises about possibly swapping its branding on Ryan Newman's car for another, claiming that it is already limited in what it can do, marketing-wise, in the sport..

The company has asked for clarification of its situation.