Motorsport history is filled with famous families – the Schumachers, the Hills, the Rosberg’s – but only one runs a world-class team from top to bottom. Meet the Hansens.

Founded by Kenneth and Susann Hansen, both FIA European Rallycross champions in their own right, the pair manage Team Hansen in the FIA World Rallycross Championship with sons Timmy and Kevin driving for the team.

Heading into the Dayinsure WorldRX of Great Britain at SpeedMachine, the Hansen pair top the drivers’ standings with younger brother Kevin leading Timmy by 11 points while both have secured one win each so far this year.

With the team flying and smiling faces at the dinner table, it’s a far-flung situation the family faced at the start of the winter, according to mother and team manager Susann.

At the end of 2018 the team’s future remained uncertain but after securing backing from Red Bull and other key sponsors Team Hansen has put together an impressive two-car programme in WorldRX and remain the team to beat.

“Rallycross is a blessing for us,” Susann Hansen said. “It is what we know and what we love so being without that, which we were at the beginning of the winter, we had nothing. We appreciate the situation we have now and so much more. We understand not having the possibility to race.

“We carried each other through the winter, sometimes Kevin was down, sometimes I was down, and the others push and motivate the rest. If Kevin or Timmy win both of them are very happy for the other one because this is the thing we do together. I couldn’t have done it alone. It is a team thing, a family thing.

“At every team meeting Kenneth says, ‘we win together and we lose together’. It is our team slogan. It is about being loyal, supportive and being there whole-hearted even if it doesn’t turn out the way we hope.”

Susann makes it clear nepotism has never played a part in its driver line-up, even after high profile driver Sebastien Loeb stepped away at the end of last year, and says both Kevin and Timmy have earned their places on merit thanks to their racing skills.

“It is a privilege that we have two boys that are on the level that they can earn a place to compete,” she said. “If they didn’t have the skill or talent they would never be in the seats in our cars because we’re commitment to the programme with Peugeot first then Red Bull. They need to earn their seats and they do so it is a privilege.

“I think it’s a challenge for all teams that have two drivers like that because they always compare to each other first of all.

“I know, as brothers, there is always a competition and they’ve competed in everything they do. When they were kids, they had bikes and they made a track behind the house and raced. It has always been a race and there is always one of them who would come inside the house upset saying the other cheated or hit him. The other would always say they didn’t do anything! They’ve been competing since they were babies. It has been hard on Kevin because he is six years younger. He’s had to work really, really hard to beat Timmy and now he is very close to do that.”

While her mothering instincts continue to kick in, Susann feels it is to support a family effort – racing each other but ultimately working together.

The Hansen diary is shaped around the rallycross calendar but rather than be a strain on the family relationship Susann sees it as the bond which strengthens its ties.

“It is a lifestyle, this is our lives,” she explained. “All we do and all we think circulates around this. When you want to spend time with the family this is what happens. If there was a race on Christmas, we would go racing on Christmas. It rules our world and everything else is secondary.

“If the boys ever get married, they need to find a weekend without racing! Of course, sometimes it feels too much but it is also freedom that you know the family totally understands the dilemma or problems you face so you never feel alone.”

Heading to the British round, Susann sees that same family atmosphere at SpeedMachine with the historic setting of Silverstone.

“I love coming to England in general and to race because there is such a strong motorsport tradition,” she said. “Lots of people are interested in motorsport and that is not the situation in most countries, so we feel appreciated in England.

“In Silverstone is it special as it is one of the most famous addresses in the motorsport world so to be there is super nice. They have created something special at Silverstone with SpeedMachine.

“It is one of the races on the WorldRX calendar that is clearly a festival feeling with the artists, the food, the rallycross, the racing atmosphere and it makes it a special mix and works so well at SpeedMachine and at Silverstone.

“I think they’ve found a combination of things that works really well in the UK. You can be relaxed, have a beer, take your family and friends for the racing and have nice food. I like the relaxed atmosphere there.”

For full information on tickets for SpeedMachine please follow this link.