Isle of Man TT
Isle of Man TT

Isle of Man TT Qualifying 1 as it happened

Recap the first Qualifying sessions for the 2024 Isle of Man TT Races

Qualifying 1 (Approx times - Subject to change)

18:00 - Supersport/Supertwin
18:50- Superbike/Superstock
19:45 - Sidecars

27 May 2024
That's all for tonight

Thanks for joining us - We'll have the full results available soon on our website. Join us tomorrow for Day 2 of Qualifying.

Sidecar Qualifying 1

That's the end of the Sidecars Qualifying session and Ryan Crowe / Callum Crowe are fastest after doing a 116.699 mph lap. Birchall / Rousseau are in 2nd place. Founds / Walmsley move into 3rd after fixing some issues with their machine after lap 1.

Sidecar Qualifying 1

Another fast lap coming in from the Crowe's here. They are on the way down from the mountain to the start/finish.

Session ends at 20:25

Just under ten minutes left of this Sidecar session - the final one for the evening.

Sidecar Qualifying 1

Crowe's set an opening lap of 116.261 mph with Founds / Walmsley in 2nd place. Ben Birchall / Kevin Rousseau round out the top 3.

Sidecar Qualifying 1

The Crowe's are making their way down the mountain, this should be a fast opening lap. Quicker than Founds / Walmsley's opening lap in 2023.

Sidecar Qualifying 1

Ryan Crowe / Callum Crowe are still fastest, they are ahead of Founds / Walmsley on the road now as well. A fast lap coming in from the two brothers.

Sidecar Qualifying 1

Ryan Crowe / Callum Crowe are fastest so far after Glen Helen. Ben Birchall / Kevin Rousseau are in 2nd place. Founds / Walmsley are in 3rd place.

Bird trouble for Josh Brookes
Sidecar Qualifying 1

Sidecars are out on the TT course

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Davey Todd has completed his 2nd lap and it puts him in 2nd place - just one tenth slower than Michael Dunlop's fastest Superbike time.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Just the last few laps coming in for this session, Davey Todd & Michael Dunlop are on very fast laps.

Sidecars are up next.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

4 minutes to go in this session.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Dunlop has set the fastest time of night - 129.590 mph. It appears he has went for another lap on the big bike.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Peter Hickman has just posted a 128.721 mph lap on his Superbike... But here comes Dunlop.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

128.871 mph lap for Davey Todd on his Superbike. 

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Dunlop is 6.7 seconds faster currently than Hickman at Ramsey. Both of them are riding their Superbike machines now.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Michael Dunlop is on a flyer! He is out on the Superbike and has just set the fastest two split times.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

John McGuinness has done his first lap - 127.126 mph on his Superbike.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Both Hickman & Dunlop are in the pits after their laps. Considering that there is damp patches in places around the course. That is impressive!

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Peter Hickman fastest from Michael Dunlop after their first Superstock laps. 129.032 mph average for Hicky, Michael only 1.3 seconds slower on his Honda.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Hickman is fastest now, 0.1 faster than Dunlop. John McGuinness is the fastest Superbike so far on track, but he is 12 seconds slower than Hickman on the Superstock.

Superbike/Superstock Qualifying 1

Dunlop & Hickman are the two fastest riders in the Superstock class. They are on the run towards Ramsey

MD on the Triumph earlier!
Michael Dunlop
Michael Dunlop