Dean Harrison, Michael Dunlop and Peter Hickman set the first sub-17 minute laps of the week during Wednesday evening's Qualifying session at the 2023 Isle of Man TT.

DAO Racing Kawasaki rider Harrison, second to Hickman on Tuesday, delivered two 16min flyers - the second with an average speed of 133.514mph - to top the Superbike timesheets by 1.122s from Michael Dunlop's Hawk Racing Honda.

FHO BMW's Hickman completed the SBK top three (17m 10.076s) after a late, single lap, but led the Superstock class courtesy of an earlier 16min 59.087s (133.284mph) stunner.

Dunlop had set a 17m 3.619s on his STK bike, putting him second in class to Hickman, before switching over to the Superbike.

Harrison and Jamie Coward were then quickest in the following Supersport/Supertwin session, respectively.

Qualifying continues on Thursday evening and concludes on Friday, with the opening races on Saturday...

2023 Isle of Man TT - Superbike Qualifying 3 Results (Wednesday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeDifference
1Dean Harrison133.514mph16:57.329 
2Michael Dunlop133.367mph16:58.452+ 1.123s
3Peter Hickman131.862mph17:10.076+ 12.747s
4Jamie Coward130.94mph17:17.331+ 20.002s
5John McGuinness130.035mph17:24.548+ 27.219s
6Michael Rutter129.147mph17:31.734+ 34.405s
7James Hillier128.976mph17:33.126+ 35.797s
8Phillip Crowe128.131mph17:40.068+ 42.739s
9Rob Hodson127.383mph17:46.299+ 48.970s
10David Johnson126.789mph17:51.292+ 53.963s
11Joshua Brookes126.754mph17:51.589+ 54.260s
12Dominic Herbertson126.656mph17:52.414+ 55.085s
13Shaun Anderson125.855mph17:59.242+ 61.913s
14James Hind125.746mph18:00.173+ 62.844s
15Conor Cummins125.522mph18:02.105+ 64.776s
16Samuel West125.254mph18:04.417+ 67.088s
17Stephen Smith125.05mph18:06.189+ 68.860s
18Craig Neve123.541mph18:19.460+ 82.131s
19Paul Jordan123.482mph18:19.984+ 82.655s
20Michael Evans123.231mph18:22.222+ 84.893s
21Stefano Bonetti122.678mph18:27.189+ 89.860s
22Jonathan Perry121.992mph18:33.417+ 96.088s
23Raul Torras Martinez121.954mph18:33.767+ 96.438s
24Forest Dunn121.844mph18:34.770+ 97.441s
25Mark Parrett121.635mph18:36.687+ 99.358s
26Richard Wilson121.195mph18:40.734+ 103.405s
27Chris Sarbora121.097mph18:41.645+ 104.316s
28Dave Hewson120.936mph18:43.142+ 105.813s
29Rhys Hardisty120.878mph18:43.682+ 106.353s
30Amalric Blanc120.599mph18:46.276+ 108.947s
31James Chawke120.373mph18:48.390+ 111.061s
32Timothee Monot120.286mph18:49.206+ 111.877s
33Allann Venter120.229mph18:49.744+ 112.415s
34Baz Furber119.782mph18:53.957+ 116.628s
35Anthony Redmond118.635mph19:04.919+ 127.590s
36Davey Todd117.201mph19:18.931+ 141.602s
37Matthieu Lagrive117.088mph19:20.052+ 142.723s
38Rennie Scaysbrook117.069mph19:20.242+ 142.913s
39Xavier Denis116.685mph19:24.059+ 146.730s
40Paul Potchy Williams116.385mph19:27.060+ 149.731s
41Ryan Cringle115.248mph19:38.566+ 161.237s
42Brian McCormack---
43Stephen Parsons---
44Erno Kostamo---
  • Outright (Superbike) TT lap record: Peter Hickman (BMW), 16m 42.778s, 135.452mph/217.989km/h (2018).
  • Superstock TT lap record: Peter Hickman (BMW), 16m 50.601s, 134.403mph/216.301km/h (2018).
  • Supersport TT lap record: Michael Dunlop (Yamaha), 17m 29.070s, 129.475mph/208.370km/h (2022)
  • Supertwin TT lap record: Michael Dunlop (Paton), 18m 26.543s, 122.750mph/197.547km/h (2018)
2023 Isle of Man TT - Superstock Qualifying 3 Results (Wednesday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeDifference
1Peter Hickman133.284mph16:59.087 
2Michael Dunlop132.694mph17:03.619+ 4.532s
3Davey Todd131.711mph17:11.259+ 12.172s
4Conor Cummins129.825mph17:26.241+ 27.154s
5Dean Harrison129.148mph17:31.725+ 32.638s
6James Hillier127.761mph17:43.140+ 44.053s
7John Mcguinness126.273mph17:55.668+ 56.581s
8Michael Rutter125.353mph18:03.567+ 64.480s
9Brian Mccormack125.201mph18:04.875+ 65.788s
10Craig Neve124.04mph18:15.031+ 75.944s
11David Datzer122.908mph18:25.122+ 86.035s
12Mike Browne120.921mph18:43.274+ 104.187s
13David Johnson---
14Phillip Crowe---


2023 Isle of Man TT - Supersport Qualifying 3 Results (Wednesday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeDifference
1Dean Harrison125.145mph18:05.365 
2Peter Hickman125.07mph18:06.013+ 0.648s
3Michael Dunlop124.973mph18:06.855+ 1.490s
4Davey Todd124.579mph18:10.298+ 4.933s
5Jamie Coward124.484mph18:11.132+ 5.767s
6James Hind123.005mph18:24.251+ 18.886s
7James Hillier122.527mph18:28.551+ 23.186s
8Paul Jordan121.672mph18:36.342+ 30.977s
9Rob Hodson121.369mph18:39.131+ 33.766s
10Michael Evans121.349mph18:39.318+ 33.953s
11Craig Neve121.246mph18:40.266+ 34.901s
12David Johnson119.802mph18:53.769+ 48.404s
13Pierre Yves Bian119.742mph18:54.338+ 48.973s
14Raul Torras Martinez119.337mph18:58.190+ 52.825s
15Joey Thompson119.107mph19:00.388+ 55.023s
16Michal Dokoupil118.926mph19:02.123+ 56.758s
17Timothee Monot118.409mph19:07.108+ 61.743s
18Rhys Hardisty118.36mph19:07.584+ 62.219s
19Forest Dunn118.124mph19:09.874+ 64.509s
20Michael Russell116.64mph19:24.510+ 79.145s
21Jonathan Goetschy116.33mph19:27.607+ 82.242s
22James Chawke116.328mph19:27.631+ 82.266s
23Richard Wilson115.899mph19:31.954+ 86.589s
24Jonathan Perry115.691mph19:34.063+ 88.698s
25Phillip Crowe115.691mph19:34.055+ 88.690s
26Mark Parrett115.648mph19:34.498+ 89.133s
27Ryan Cringle115.401mph19:37.010+ 91.645s
28Gary Vines114.971mph19:41.406+ 96.041s
29Jamie Cringle114.818mph19:42.982+ 97.617s
30Matthieu Lagrive114.722mph19:43.974+ 98.609s
31Mark Goodings114.557mph19:45.681+ 100.316s
32Tom Weeden113.85mph19:53.045+ 107.680s
33Allann Venter113.732mph19:54.283+ 108.918s
34Shaun Anderson113.274mph19:59.105+ 113.740s
35Martin Morris112.475mph20:07.627+ 122.262s
36Amalric Blanc111.446mph20:18.775+ 133.410s
37Jorge Halliday110.282mph20:31.639+ 146.274s
38David Brook109.792mph20:37.144+ 151.779s
39Masayuki Yamanaka108.718mph20:49.364+ 163.999s
40Stefano Bonetti---
41Mike Browne---
42Stephen Parsons---


2023 Isle of Man TT - Supertwin Qualifying 3 Results (Wednesday)
PosRiderBest Lap SpeedBest Lap TimeDifference
1Jamie Coward120.912mph18:43.359 
2Mike Browne119.787mph18:53.916+ 10.557s
3Joshua Brookes116.937mph19:21.550+ 38.191s
4Rob Hodson115.93mph19:31.634+ 48.275s
5Michael Rutter115.163mph19:39.441+ 56.082s
6Francesco Curinga114.552mph19:45.736+ 62.377s
7Chris Moore113.761mph19:53.979+ 70.620s
8Baz Furber113.677mph19:54.862+ 71.503s
9Xavier Denis112.541mph20:06.916+ 83.557s
10Jonathan Goetschy112.187mph20:10.726+ 87.367s
11Brian McCormack112.055mph20:12.151+ 88.792s
12Michael Russell111.584mph20:17.265+ 93.906s
13Dave Hewson111.152mph20:21.999+ 98.640s
14Paul Potchy Williams110.57mph20:28.430+ 105.071s
15Gareth Arnold110.295mph20:31.502+ 108.143s
16Kevin Barsby109.099mph20:44.995+ 121.636s
17Paul Cassidy108.788mph20:48.554+ 125.195s
18Miroslav Sloboda108.264mph20:54.598+ 131.239s
19David Madsen-Mygdal105.843mph21:23.297+ 159.938s
20Vinny Brennan105.34mph21:29.420+ 166.061s
21Andy Hornby104.546mph21:39.215+ 175.856s
22Craig Szczypek103.712mph21:49.659+ 186.300s
23Jamie Cringle102.638mph22:03.373+ 200.014s
24Jack Petrie101.442mph22:18.967+ 215.608s
25Tom Weeden---
26Stefano Bonetti---
27Pete Murray---
28Raul Torras Martinez---

Monday's Qualifying 1 saw 21-time TT winner Michael Dunlop complete a clean sweep of the Superbike (Hawk Racing Honda, 131.782mph), Superstock (MD Racing Honda, 130.426mph), Supersport (MD Racing Yamaha, 127.019mph) and Supertwin (MD Racing Paton, 122.907mph) classes.

Defending Superbike winner Peter Hickman (FHO Racing BMW) then upped the pace to head Tuesday's Qualifying 2 with an average speed of 132.079mph. Dunlop was third in Tuesday's Superbike session, behind Dean Harrison (DAO Racing Kawasaki), but continued to reign in Superstock. The Supersport and Supertwin sessions were cancelled due to oil on the road.