Financial concern for Isle of Man TT newcomers laid bare

“This year, especially, I have noticed the financial strain on riders and teams"

Isle of Man TT
Isle of Man TT

Multiple Isle of Man TT newcomers were forced to back out of this year’s event due to financial worries.

The legendary motorsport event is also battling against rising costs.

Richard 'Milky' Quayle, the Rider Liaison Officer at the Isle of Man TT, has explained how some riders have been forced to postpone their dream.

“You are not doing for a living, you’re doing it for passion, hobby, love,” he told Manx Radio.

“Ninety percent of the field are doing it out of their own money.

“This year, especially, I have noticed the financial strain on riders and teams.

“Every year I have half a dozen newcomers. This year, I have lost three because they couldn’t get their finances together to come here.

“The price of everything has gone through the roof.

“Your shopping bill has doubled and it’s the same for buying tyres, fuel, parts for your bike. It is really expensive.

“It is a strain for everybody, and for us to put the event on. The cost to put the event on goes up every year. It is hard.”

Quayle explained that the TT is fortunate to have its iconic status, meaning riders will prioritise being able to afford their entry.

Not every event is as fortunate.

“We are lucky with the TT because it’s the ultimate race, the best race in the world,” he said.

“Your whole season revolves around the TT. “You’ve got to make sure you’ve got the budget to do it.

“Make sure you’ve got enough cash in the bank to buy your chains, brake pads, clutches…

“I instil into newcomers ‘make sure you’ve got everything in place to do this, don’t go down Bray Hill on second-hand tyres!’”

The 2024 Isle of Man TT runs from May 27 to June 8.

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