Hospitalised Isle of Man TT rider’s update on gruelling recovery process

Anthony Redmond underwent multiple surgeries after crashing at Isle of Man TT

Anthony Redmond
Anthony Redmond

Anthony Redmond has provided an update on his recovery from a big accident at the Isle of Man TT.

Redmond's crash at Bungalow preceded the cancellation of a Supertwin rain due to wet track conditions, and it caused him to be airlifted to hospital.

His wife described him as "very very lucky to still be here" then listed his injuries: "Broken jaw, broken teeth, broken shoulder, broken vertebrae, fluid on the lungs, multiple rib fractures, lacerated kidney, compound fractures to the left leg, both ankles shattered."

Redmond has now posted a photo of himself in hospital to social media, accompanied by an update on his condition.

He wrote: "A quick update - feeling good today as it's my first day getting dressed for a few weeks. 

"I'm pretending to be on holiday with shorts and a Calippo in Broad Green Liverpool. 

"We have been here two days now and previously, we have been at Aintree since the evening of the crash - I've had various ops but the main ones are having the cages fitted to both legs. 

"I've been up a few times in a frame and took a few steps as the legs are load bearing now. 

"I can take my back brace off when I'm lying down or when I'm doing anything that is less than 45 degrees which is so much easier of a night time! 

"Both of my lungs drains have been out for nearly a week and my breathing feels good again.

"I am feeling 100% positive and that's mainly due to all my family and friends who are supporting me 100%. All of the messages, cards, well wishes etc have been amazing, so thank you all so so much for all of the extra positive powers!

"I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the marshals, spectators, TM's and critical care workers who attended my incident as without your input I simply wouldn't be here now. 

"A big THANK YOU to the TT event organisers, ACU., Day one trauma, TTRA and the ARA for immediate help towards helping Shelley Redmond, Aron Redmond and Katie Redmond to be in Liverpool with me.

"Thank you to my Mum and Dad for all of your help and a big THANK YOU to Boris for all of his help during TT, for helping out at the garage and at home and also to Alex Clarke for being my trusted right hand man, running the garage and helping Aron to get out and race last weekend at Jurby.

"A big thank you to my personal sponsors for their support during TT and allowing me to live the dream and finally a big THANK YOU to all the medical team at the major trauma ward at Aintree hospital and the limb reconstruction team at Broad Green.

"TT 2024 was still a success for me despite the crash - A new PB of 122.7mph lap straight away in practice (will work out ideal lap times but they will be good from data we were looking at) with loads of track information gained for next time... 

"118mph lap on a standard R6 - 111mph after two laps on the Aprilia.

"TT '25 might be a push due to the time it will take to grow back the missing leg bone, but we will be working as hard as we can to get fit while keeping safe and steady.

"Love to all the biking family."

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