2024 Isle of Man TT Superbike Race 1: Results

Results from Sunday’s Superbike Race 1 for the 2024 Isle of Man TT Races.

Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman

Here are the results from Superbike Race 1 at the 2024 Isle of Man TT on Sunday.

2024 Isle of Man TT - Superbike Race 1
1Peter Hickman 
2Davey Todd+5.84
3Dean Harrison+5.201
4Michael Dunlop+15.116
5James Hillier+01:32.769
6John McGuinness+2.887
7Jamie Coward+0.232
8Mike Browne+02:04.438
9Michael Rutter+01:25.995
10Brian McCormack+15.048
11Julian Trummer+24.686
12Marcus Simpson+01:21.754
13Allan Venter+3.901
14James Chawke+39.032
15Samuel West+0.086
16Jonathan Goetschy+9.005
17Matt Stevenson+2.735
18Jamie Cringle+35.436
29Rhys Hardisty+16.838
20Eddy Ferre+0.599
21Timothee Monot+4.691
22Michael Russell+18.82
23Paul Potchy Williams+4.898
24Darryl Tweed+30.336
25Tom Robinson+6.805
26Jonathan Perry+33.987

Peter Hickman took advantage of a terrible pitstop by Michael Dunlop to win the Superbike TT at the Isle of Man TT.

Dunlop led by over 20 seconds with one-and-a-half laps to go.

But a problem with his visor in the pitlane caused an unexpected delay.

First Dean Harrison led the race, then Hickman took over to claim victory.

Dunlop, in his attempt to win an all-time record 27th TT race, was restricted to fourth.

Hickman won his 14th overall race at the TT.

Dunlop has six more chances to win a record 27th TT race at this year's event.

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