Attempts to bring speedway back to Norwich were dashed earlier this week - an outcome that has left Norwich proposed chairman Steven Ribbons rather annoyed and threatening legal action. He issued the following statement.

"Norwich Speedway has been disallowed from running in this season's, and at this precise moment, any season's Conference league. We have known this decision for some time now, However, we have kept these facts from the public domain whilst we have attempted to keep open a channel of dialogue with the British Speedway Promoters Association (B.S.P.A)"

"I have kept the B.S.P.A informed of the progress of our negotiations with our proposed landlord at the new site to the point where we were ready to sign a two-year lease for the track. I then received a letter from the B.S.P.A informing us that we (Norwich Speedway) are not permitted to run, due to the fact that Kings Lynn Speedway have objected because of the new sites location."

"I find this decision appalling! Firstly because it deprives Norwich speedway fans of seeing their team and secondly, because it is, quite frankly, illegal."

"Let me give you an example, - if you owned a chip shop at one end of the High Street, and I wanted to open one at the other end of the High Street, you could not stop me, we have laws in this country on the statute books protecting the right of competition and fair trading."

"Due to the fact that we have been effectively barred from pursuing our lawful business and that the B.S.P.A will not enter into any negotiation, I have now passed the matter over into the hands of my Solicitor and I am taking legal action against the B.S.P.A, a decision which saddens me greatly as I have done my best to further the aims of the sport of Speedway Racing."

"Some people have said that we have gone about this the wrong way by pushing the site we wanted to use, they have said that it is too far from the City to be called Norwich Speedway, but to be blunt,- its this way or no way. Life isn't perfect and other people have been searching for a new site for Norwich Speedway for Over Forty Years and they have got absolutely nowhere."

"I could have had Norwich Speedway up and running this year if they would let me, with a two year lease and who knows where and to what heights we could have gone from there. Life isn't perfect as I said because if it was , I would be slim, Norwich would never have Closed, England would be the World Champions at everything they entered, and people would not be barring me from resurrecting Norwich Speedway!"

"This matter is now in the hands of my solicitor who has made a formal legal complaint to the Office of Fair Trading and I will keep you all informed of Developments."