Elm Bank Berwick Bandits took the all important win on Saturday night over Newport Wasps, but when looking at Newport's current record, the 14 point margin of victory should have been so many more. Berwick looked to be on to another massive score after the opening two heats resulted in Berwick maximum 5-1s, but come Heat 3, things changed markedly.

In the said Heat 3, coming off bend 2 on the opening lap, Josef Franc's chain snapped, grinding him to a halt when well up front with partner Adrian Rymel, who also shed a chain on the 4th bend of the self same lap, but fell in the process bringing the race to a stop to be re-run without either Bandit. 0-5 to Lund and Korneliussen.

Newport's turn to lose points in Heat 4 when the usually oh-so steady Craig Watson lost control completely on bend 1, possibly hitting a bump, and ending up virtually in the safety fence. His excellent skill and bravery kept him aboard to finish the race, but far too far behind the others to grab even one point. Berwick 5-1 again.

Heat 5 was another Berwick 5-1, although Bandit Adrian Rymel had been excluded when he failed to beat the 2 minute time allowance. His replacement Cartwright filled in very well to take the second place behind his partner Franc. (20-9 after Heat 5).

Craig Watson soon made up for his lost Heat 4 in Heat 6 by jetting away from the gate to take a win over Berwick's new star, Pietraszko who put in a good chase throughout. Watson starred again in Heat 9 having been nominated as a tactical ride for double points. Again a fine gate resulted in a good win over Franc for 6 vital points, and a Newport 2-7 over all to reduce Berwick's lead to 47-26.

After an eventful Heat 13 Berwick's deficit was again reduced to 52-36 after Watson and Ondrasik pulled off a 1-5 over Kristensen and Pietraszko who had put up a massive battle with the Wasps.

Pietraszko and Watson were locked in combat again in Heat 15, with the Wasp surging hard under the Pole in a lesson in overtaking. With Kristensen fading again in this race, the result was a Wasps' 2-4 to make the final score 54-40.

Peter Waite, the Bandits promoter, said afterwards, "We got the win, yes, but it was hardly a solid comprehensive win! We will have to make sure we up our game to a man considerably over the next few days as we go to the Isle of Wight and King's Lynn over the next 4 days."

"Then the toughest of home meetings next Saturday in one of our rare double-headers that sees us up against the hard-riding Reading Racers in the League and then Hull, who are well ahead in the League at the moment, in the Knockout Cup. Two very hard matches that we need to ride so very much better in that we did tonight if we are to get the wins we want so very badly."