New British Speedway Chairman Pete Toogood has described the sport's AGM as "the best I've ever attended." The Somerset boss has revealed how there was a feeling of unity amongst promoters despite reports of conflict between the top two divisions in the build-up to the talks in London.

Toogood has been handed the hot seat as Wolverhampton's Chris Van Straaten stood down after six-years in the job.
Van Straaten will, however, support Toogood as his vice-chairman with Sheffield's Neil Machin retaining his place on the management committee.

They are joined by newcomers to the five-man group Matt Ford of Poole and the Isle of Wight co-chief Dave Pavitt.
The Elite League have adopted a points limit of 42.5 for the 10 clubs to build their teams with averages which don't include bonus points.

The Premier League, meanwhile, retains a 45-point limit including bonus. It has been confirmed that the Elite League play-offs will features the top four next season - not five as in 2004 - with the semi-finals taking place from September 12 with 1v4 and 2v3.

Continuity is a key word for the Premier League with all last season's competitions retained and the same 15 clubs will do battle. Both leagues have agreed that the tactical ride - when a rider scores double points - can only be used when a team is Nine or more points behind, a point more than last season.

And the tactical substitute rule still applies where a rider starts off a 15-metre handicap for double points when a team is eight-points or more behind.

Toogood said: "I can honestly say that everyone has left the AGM looking forward to the new season in March with great enthusiasm. It was the best AGM I have ever attended with a lot of positive feedback and constructive debate with both of the two leagues, Elite and Premier, recognising where problems are within the sport."

"There was a tremendous feeling of unity amongst the clubs and we are all determined to take the sport forward from here."

Vice-Chairman Van Straaten said: "I'm sure Pete will do an excellent job as chairman and the sport is heading in a certain direction which means it's good for me to be around for at least another year to oversee certain

"I'll give Pete all the support I can and I was particularly pleased with the feeling of harmony amongst the members of the BSPA during this AGM. I believe the decisions made are for the good of the sport in both
leagues and we can all now get down to planning our teams and signing riders for next season."