The 2001 King's Lynn Knights take to the track for the last time tomorrow [Wednesday] when they face local rivals Ipswich in the Sky Sports Elite League finale.

Adding to the intensity and close quarter action that local derbies inevitably bring forth, much interest is centred on the fact that Lynn promoter Nigel Wagstaff has promised to unveil a brand new signing in front of those fans attending the meeting.

Wagstaff has remained tight-lipped over the identity of this 'mystery rider', but has gone in print as saying that "he has ridden the track before, although not this season and I have already said that the team I have in mind for next season will have a strong accent on youth."

So, who is the rider? All will be revealed at the Norfolk Arena on Wednesday night!

In the match itself, a victory by five points or more over their Suffolk opponents will not only see the Silver Machine Knights end their season in style, but will see them ultimately finish sixth in this year's league table, leap frogging Eastbourne in the process.

The event kicks off at 1945 with a parade of riders, with the first race scheduled for 2000hrs.


Kings Lynn: 1. Nicki Pedersen, 2. Tom P Madsen, 3. Niklas Klingberg, 4.Ronni Pedersen, 5. Jason Crump (C), 6. Freddie Eriksson. 7. Niels-Kristian Iversen Team Manager: Nigel Wagstaff

Ipswich: 1. Chris Louis (C), 2. Jarek Hampel, 3. Craig Boyce, 4. Jeremy Doncaster, 5. Scott Nicholls, 6. Savalas Clouting, 7. Jason Bunyan