The Oxford 'FOX FM' Cheetahs continue their build up for an assault on this years 'Sky Sports' Elite League title with a further two legged challenge, this time against the Workington Comets.

The first leg is at Oxford on Friday, March 22nd and the second leg is just 24 hours later on Saturday, March 23. The action gets underway at 7.30pm with the parade of riders and the first race is at 7.45pm.

Oxford had a dream start to the season last weekend, easily beating the Coventry Bees both home and away with a performance which certainly pleased team manager Colin Meredith.

He said: "Every single rider played their part, it was a good team performance and everyone is pleased with how things turned out".

Any concerns over Mark Lemon and Lukas Dryml were also quickly dispelled, Meredith continued: "We did not want to take any chances with Mark (Lemon) so he withdrew but he is fine now and Lukas (Dryml) took a knock but he has no problems with his knee and both will be riding against Workington."

This weekend will see the first Inter League challenge that Oxford have been involved for some years and is against the very strong looking Workington Comets who boast British Grand Prix star Carl Stonehewer as their number one.

They have also booked a familiar face to bolster the team on Friday night as Oxford asset Jan Staechmann will make a guest appearance and Cheetahs promoter Vanessa Purchase approved off their choice: "Jan remains very popular here at Oxford and will receive a very warm welcome from everyone". Added to those to is the exciting Peter I Karlsson meaning that it will be no walkover for Oxford, Vanessa continued: "Our riders will not be able to relax and I think we are in for an intriguing contest".


Brian Andersen, Ales Dryml, Lukas Dryml, Steve Johnston, Leigh Adams, Andrew Appleton, Mark Lemon.

Carl Stonehewer, Jan Staechmann, Kauka Niemienen, Rusty Harrison, Peter I Karlsson, James Mann, Scott James.