Tonight (Friday) Neil Collins will hold his testimonial meeting to mark 25 years of Speedway racing, in an event that will feature a World Champions race between Collins' brother Peter and fellow former World Champion Michael Lee.

Neil has chosen a four-team tournament as the main format of the meeting with Somerset facing Swindon, Exeter and a Neil Collins All Stars quartet.

However, in addition to the four team event there will also be a major attraction for Speedway fans with a "World Champions Match Race" between Neil's elder brother Peter Collins (1976 World Speedway Champion) and Michael Lee (1980 World Speedway Champion).

Additionally there will be a Collins Clan Race with brothers Neil, Les and Stephen coming up against nephew Chris (Peter's son) and two races of the "Men in Black" veteran racers on vintage machines.

With a trials teams back in the interval for more stunts and exhibition riding and jumps there is plenty of action planned. There will also be an auction of the riders race jackets used in the meeting during the interval and after the meeting with a ?25 reserve price put on each jacket.


1. Mario Jirout
2. Graeme Gordon
3. Glenn Cunningham
4. Steve Bishop

1. Chris Neath,
2. Paul Lee
3. Frank Smart (Newport)
4. Malcolm Holloway

1. James Mann
2. Michael Coles
3. Seemond Stephens
4. Roger Lobb.

The Neil Collins All Stars:
1. Andrew Appleton (Reading)
2. Scott Smith (Sheffield)
3. Adam Allott (Somerset)
4. Les Collins