The V de V Endurance Series will pursue its development by introducing in 2017 a unique 1.6 Litre turbo engine, developed by RDM to power the CN prototypes present in Eric Van de Vyver's series.

The conception of these engines, originally Peugeot engines, will be entrusted to RDM, directed by Daniel Fasano and Jean-Pierre Gatti. Based at Annecy, this firm is highly recommended for its expertise in preparing competition turbo engines and has known huge success throughout the different fields of motorsport. Now, constructors can rely on RDM's services to decide on the best ways to prepare and fit engines.

A technical team of qualified staff from RDM will be able to assist competitors at each V de V Endurance Series' event (which is included in the very attractive price package). The major advantage of this service is of course to have the option of replacing the ECU at all times.

The V de V Proto Endurance Challenge will thus welcome a new class from next year, reshuffling the current classes to look as follows:

CNA, previously CN1, reserved for aspirated engines
CNT, reserved for 1.6L turbocharged engines
CN2, reserved for CN prototypes built before 2010
CNF, reserved for CN prototypes built before 2007, C3 and CN-F

In addition to these classes, the Prestige class will be maintained, exclusively reserved for driver line-ups including Open and Gentleman drivers.

"After several years of reflection, we've decided to launch a new, more modern power train," Eric Van de Vyver, V de V Sports Director, said. "After 16 years of working with this category, together with our teams and drivers, we made the choice to impose a unique engine/ECU combination - not affiliated with any constructor, going against our current practice - with the aim of banishing any recurring doubts and remaining totally impartial.

"I would like to reiterate however that aspirated engines will not be obsolete; quite the contrary, for the performances of both engines will be identical and we will be extremely cautious of this throughout the development phase. The Honda engine still has a long life ahead of it; the mission of introducing a turbo engine was quite simply to raise the level of competition in the V de V Proto Endurance Challenge."