OzEmail Racing's John Bowe has continued his racing charge to finish race two of the New Zealand V8 International in tenth position. The longer 150km format race two suiting both Bowe and his car.

"We still haven't got the fastest race car out there but the additional twenty odd laps worked much better for us. My OzEmail Falcon was getting better and better as the race went on, with some of my fastest laps coming towards the end," said Bowe.

Bowe's OzEmail Falcon appeared to conserve tyres, particularly the rears, which come under enormous pressure, more-so than many of the cars around him.

"I thought I was actually starting to struggle with tyres at about the half way point but it was obvious that a lot of the others guys around me were in more strife than me. Hopefully this could be a positive sign for the last race which is also 150k's long," he concluded.

Brad Jones had driven brilliantly, assisted by a lightning pit stop from the OzEmail team, climbing his way up to 13th position from the starting spot of 22nd.

With just three laps remaining, Jones was shown a black flag for, what at the time was, a loose rear bumper bar. Within seconds of the flag being shown, the bumper came free from the car, coming rest safely in the circuit outfield.

To the total amazement of the team, the race stewards still forced Jones to complete a pit lane penalty, even though his car no longer posed any threat to other competitors. At time of this release, team manager Kim Jones was still attempting to gain some clarity on the reasons behind the penalty.

A ropable Brad Jones refused to comment until the official reason was revealed but was obviously extremely disappointed with the dubious decision.